Is Farrah Abraham quitting "Teen Mom OG"?The Reality TV star reportedly refused to film over the weekend after getting into a lot of confrontations and arguments with her co-stars, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn Lowell. According to Real Mr. Housewife, Farrah refused to show up for the filming of the "Ask The Moms" special because of all the drama, and allegedly didn't feel like it was a safe place for her. Does this mean that she'll quit the show altogether? It seems that if she can't be around her co-stars for things such as reunions and other specials then it could be a big problem for the network.

Abraham's co-stars have finally had enough of her behavior

While it doesn't seems that Farrah Abraham will quit "Teen Mom OG," because she's not easily intimidated by others, it does seem pretty obvious that she's not well liked among her co-stars. Over the weekend the girls filmed the reunion special and the drama really hit the fan! While Farrah and her boyfriend, Simon Saran, were on stage with Dr. Drew Pinsky, Farrah echoed a previous comment from Simon about Amber Portwood's boyfriend, Matt Baier, looking like a pedophile. This did not sit well with Amber and she reportedly rushed the stage and began a physical brawl with Abraham. Amber's boyfriend Matt and Farrah's dad Michael also allegedly jumped in on the fight, and fans are hoping that they'll get to see it when the reuion show airs.

Are Farrah's MTV days numbered?

Meanwhile, after Farrah Abraham allegedly made Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood wait to film, Maci had finally had enough. She spoke out about Farrah's unfair behavior and she along with Amber and Catelynn walked off stage in protest of Abraham. Many fans have also had it with Abraham.

Recently, anonline petition to have Farrah fired from "Teen Mom OG" was created and gained thousands of signatures. Could this be the final straw for Farrah on MTV? Only time will tell. Do you think Farrah should quit or be fired from the MTV series?

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