Just five episodes in, Syfy Channel’s “Aftermath” is entertaining fans every Tuesday night, and Madison Smith has found his place in this post-apocalyptic world. This British Columbia born talent recently played the role of Roy Sampson in Hallmark's “When Calls the Heart”, played Mitch in the movie "Evangeline,"and was in Lifetime's "The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story." Get to know Madison as Blasting News caught up with him.


Colleen Bement:Aftermath” seems to have everything; Supernatural creatures, massive storms, plagues, meteors and more. Yikes! What can you share about your experience on this cool new Syfy series?

Madison Smith: It’s quite an experience to watch! The coolest thing about the world of “Aftermath,” is that takes place in is it brings out a human element. My time on the show definitely showcases some supernatural experiences but I loved the scenes we filmed that talked about love, family, and survival. The audience gets to see there is still good in people when the world changes for the worse.

Smith says character is funny and sarcastic

CB: Do you and your character share any similarities?

MS: I like to think so. My character Martin Winters is a former Army Ranger who is an all-in-all heroic young man and his personality is similar to mine. Actually when I got my audition for the role, it felt as if Martin was saying exactly what I would say if I was in the same situations he is put in.

Also, we're both funny and sarcastic. I had a blast getting dropped into Martin's world.

'Supernatural' cast was wonderful to work with

CB: I noticed that you played the role of Billy Bass on “Supernatural” season 10 episode “Halt and Catch Fire.” My readers would love to know what it was like on the set.

MS: Oh wow, “Supernatural” is a show I watched since it first started airing. Being cast in it was a dream come true. For those who don’t remember my character, his name was Billy Bass and he died in the episode when his truck’s navigation system came to life and drove the truck off of a cliff with Billy inside.

So Sam and Dean were brought to the town to investigate. The cast and crew were wonderful to work with. It was a memorable experience.

Smith's Dream role?

CB: So, is your dream role is to play Nathan Drake from the video game ‘Uncharted’?

MS: Oh Nathan Drake is absolutely my dream role. He's a lot like Indiana Jones but more of an outlaw. I got a Playstation last year and while I was playing there was a cut scene where Drake is standing in the forest holding a gun looking into the distance. As soon as I saw that I thought “How cool would it be to play this guy!”

CB: I noticed that you’re a baseball fan. If you were a baseball player, what would your walk up song be?

MS: Easy question. "Here Comes The Boom" by POD.

The song says everything it needs to in the title.

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