Blasting News caught up with one of Syfy Channel's newest stars to find out about this hot new show. Out of Queens, NY, Ramos is already known for guest roles in "Parenthood,” “NCIS,” and “Teen Wolf." No doubt "Incorporated" is going to be a hit with its not-so-futuristic “haves” and “have-nots” type society. A "Corporatocracy" based government is already in people's minds. Be sure to check out Eddie Ramos in "Incorporated" that starts on Nov. 30, 2016 on the Syfy Channel.

Colleen Bement: I've got to admit "Incorporated” sounds a bit too real to me; especially after getting hooked on “Mr. Robot.” What can you share about this cool new series?

Eddie Ramos: First off, I am a huge fan of "Mr. Robot," I can definitely see the similarities between the two shows. "Incorporated" is about the corporate takeover of planet Earth, mainly in the U.S. in the year 2074 as seen through the eyes of Ben Larson. Ben, played by Sean Teale, is searching for his childhood love Elena in a futuristic world where gadgets and radical climate change are the daily norm. Yeah, it’s really scary. People are already seeing the beginnings of a “Corporatocracy” based government, a vanishing Middle-Class and 50-foot walls surrounding our borders. The creators and the writers of the show are pretty spot on.

His character is a street-smart hustler

CB: Tell your fans about your character.

ER: Theo is a seventeen-year-old up-and-coming cage-fighter in the Red Zone. He uses his boxing and MMA skills inside the fight club, and his street-smart hustler mentality outside to make a name big enough for himself to find his older sister, Elena who was taken into the Green Zone as a sex-slave when he was younger.

He believes life favors the strong. He is primal, athletic, gives as good as he gets, and a survivor. Theo means “God-Given” in Greek and I loosely based him on a mountain-lion. Theo is unsure that Ben can actually find his sister, so he decides he needs to find her himself.

CB: Do you have any “hidden talents” that might surprise your fans?

ER: I can do impressions of some of my "Incorporated" cast mates...but shhh; none of them know this!

Ramos does impressions

CB: I read that you love watching movies. Is there a particular movie that you watch over and over again?

ER: I’ll give you guy’s three movies. "The Departed," "Rocky," and "8 Mile." No shame.

Wants to visit Monaco and Ireland

CB: So you love traveling, huh? What are your top three countries on your “bucket list” to visit?

ER: Well I really want to check out the Formula 1 Racing in Monaco. My girlfriend Justyne would love to see the beautiful greenery in Ireland, and I’ve got a brother trip in the works for my brother Chris and I to go to Tokyo, Japan. He’s huge into fashion.

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