Alex Brinson is a dancer and an Actor who has worked on both stage and screen. J. Alex Brinson did not have an easy start in life. He grew up underprivileged and dyslexic in an impoverished neighborhood in West Philadelphia. Reading and writing was difficult for him, but he was a natural actor—something his loving and supportive single mother encouraged. Out of over 2,000 applicants, J. Alex Brinson was granted entrance into the Drama Division at The Juilliard School. He married a dancer and moved to Vancouver, Canada, and took up work at the sanitation department. Eventually, he decided to try acting again and took parts on some Canadian-based shows.

He was quickly “discovered” by casting director Maureen Webb who awarded him the role of police officer Jeff Conniker in the forthcoming TV series “Travelers”. Recently, he spoke about his experiences working on this show and as an entertainer:


Blasting News (BN): What sparked your interest in becoming an actor?

Alex Brinson (JAB): Besides the grade school plays one of my favourite actors, Jeffery Wright, in “Top Dog Underdog” on Broadway…he was also in the George Wolfe tap show “Bringing the Noise Bringing the Funk” at the Public. I saw these shows when I was pretty young and got super pumped.

BN: When you were young, what kind of media had the biggest influence on you?

JAB: “The Martin Lawrence Show” was pretty inspiring for me…it was a safe source for a great laugh.

BN: How many roles have you starred in and what was your favourite?

JAB: My favourite role to date…Darrell Freedmen in “The Eclectic Society” was really cool but I would have to say I enjoyed Rooftop in “Our Lady Of 121stStreet”; it really hard and it was while in this play that I truly began understanding my process with lots of pushing from the amazing Liesel Tommy, the show's director, for which I will always be grateful.

But this last year playing Jeff for TV, which has been really cool too.

BN: How did you land the role on "Travelers"? What most interests you about the show?

JAB: I think that I got in the audition room because of the casting director, Maureen Webb, believed in me and I think that I got the show because Brad Wright took a crazy chance on me.

I enjoy the personal journeys that the travelers take, the dichotomy between their future selves and then themselves in the ‘past’ (our present). That struggle is real; it’s very human, and I like that.

BN: You play the role of a police officer. What most interested you about this character?

JAB: This guy is so broken; it’s amazing to explore how and why he got here. He has everything going for him and continually undermines his success, and that’s what I get to explore and share with the viewers.

BN: What’s the best part of working as an actor?

JAB: I’m not sure, but I really love the nomadic lifestyle; albeit sometimes you don’t eat but you get to explore and make art!

BN: You have worked on both stage and screen.

Do you prefer one over the other?

JAB: I really enjoy the raw high of the theatre, that ‘live’ performance energy is amazing, but I’m inspired currently by the challenge of the screen; it’s very intimate, so if your performance is not truthful you can see it. I’m working on becoming a better actor.


BN: Where do envision your career being in a decade?

JAB: I’d like to be shooting covers for Vogue, touring the world with my dance company RockRidge Dance Theatre and sculpting. Acting-wise, two solid films a year and a play every three years!

BN: What’s upcoming?

JAB: If you know any dancers check out “Inspire Dance TV” it’s a web-based show that I Executive Produce.

BN: What advice can you give to aspiring performers?

JAB: Focus on the craft, don’t rush, and try to enjoy the journey.

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