Most actors start out with small roles and Camrus Johnson is no exception. He launched his career playing bit parts in “Luke Cage,” “Billions,” “The OA” and “The Breaks”—all of which air on well-known media outlets such as Netflix and VH1. Camrus just finished shooting a TV movie titled “Hunter’s Cove” and he is playing a larger role in “The Cobblestone Corridor” which is a PBS-Affiliate series. Camrus was happy to discuss his experiences as an Actor.


Blasting News (BN): How did you find your way into acting?

Camrus Johnson (CJ): Junior year of high school, after I decided that the military or being a chef wasn’t my dream, my mom’s words were, “You like to be loud and obnoxious, try acting.” I did, and a little public speaking too, and I fell in love almost instantly. Mama knows best.

BN: What kinds of media did you watch when you were little?

CJ: Video games, Sunday morning cartoons and Disney movies. I can’t wait until the day that I voice a character in a video game and an animated film! I always wanted to be that character; be that hero, but look like someone or something else.

BN: How did you break into acting?

CJ: After high school plays and community theater in Georgia, I found my first few plays in Backstage and Playbill once I moved to NYC; but I’ve been doing strictly on-camera work for years. I go through friends or look online to sing and perform spoken word poetry around the city when I can. It’s a great creative outlet, and I’d like to do more with both.

BN: How many projects have you taken part in?

Is there a favorite?

CJ: Six TV shows, about 25 short films, three independent films and a few music videos, small commercials and other random projects over the years. I’ve been blessed to do so many in such little time. As far as my favorite project to date, I have to give it to “The Cobblestone Corridor”! It’s my first main cast role in TV, we already have a lot of people talking about how much they want to see it, and I’ve never gotten so close to a cast and crew before.


BN: What would you consider to be your ultimate “dream project”?

CJ: It’s hard to beat playing a superhero. I got a little taste of the Superhero cinematic world with my co-star role in season one of "Luke Cage," which was an awesome project to be a part of. We broke Netflix! But to play Static Shock? Beast Boy or Cyborg in Teen Titans? An X-Men? That’s the dream…well playing an evil villain like the Joker ain’t bad either.

BN: To date, what’s the best part of being an actor?

CJ: My dad called to tell me that when my 4-year-old half-brother saw me on TV, he yelled, “How is Camrus on the TV if he’s real?!” It was a huge moment for me, because not only was it one of those “There are no small parts” moments, but I also shifted a child’s imagination and view of the world.

I’m so driven by influencing my generation and the next, so any chance that I get to do that adds on to the joy and power of the job. The fact that I shot a little short film recently in East New York and could tell a 12-year-old black kid on the court that I’m an actor and that he has the power to catch whatever his dream is was powerful.

BN: What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to become an entertainer?

CJ: Believe in yourself and be your number one fan. This industry, country and world already come with so many obstacles and roadblocks. Don’t be another roadblock on your path.

Get out of your own way and believe in yourself. Confidence in your self is vital.

BN: What else is forthcoming?

CJ: I wrote a comic book called “Tower” that I’m working on getting published and a TV series proof of concept that’s already building some great buzz. I really can’t wait to see the last movie that I worked on, “Hunter’s Cove” where I played a supporting role alongside Mason Dye and Saxon Sharbino, two of the coolest young talents in the industry. Then there’s "The Cobblestone Corridor" again, we’re all excited to see who grabs it from our PBS-Affiliate and takes it on.

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