There are always rumors about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. Since the two started dating, they have been on again and off again. Now it looks like they are together, but the rumors are that Rob Kardashian might not be the father of her child. Radar Online shared the details about a source speaking out and saying that Blac Chyna was actually cheating on Rob.

What did the source reveal about Blac Chyna?

Actually, a few insiders are speaking out and say that in the months and weeks before she got pregnant, Blac Chyna was cheating on Rob.

She is set to give birth any day now. Radar Online was actually able to figure out that the guy that Chyna was with is allegedly singer and actor Pilot Jones. They even have a picture that shows the two together. They were close before she started dating Rob, but now it sounds like it may not have ended when she started seeing Kardashian.

Jones rep said that they were just friends, but one picture shows the two kissing in a way that you don't kiss a friend. An insider says that they were making out every single time they saw each other.

This could mean that they had sex and he could be the father of her child. It could also mean that nothing ever happened besides a bit of kissing.

A source says that there were having a good time and flirting with each other, but that Blac Chyna and Pilot Jones even started to have feelings for each other. Blac Chyna was never open about this relationship with her fans the way that she has been about her relationship with Rob.

It is being shared that Pilot didn't know she was talking to Rob the entire time, though.

So far, Rob Kardashian hasn't acted like there is any reason for him to get a paternity test. Of course, on the show "Rob & Chyna" she tried to get a test done without telling him about it, and they acted like the baby is Rob's without a doubt. You never know what the truth is though.

Do you think that Rob Kardashian might not be the father of Blac Chyna's child?

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