In “The Well” the second episode of season seven of “The Walking Dead” we run into Carol and Morgan again. Carol, weighed down by the weight of her sins, including causing the deaths of two children, one directly by shooting her in the back of the head, had fled Alexandria, likely to find the peace of death or at least the peace of aloneness. Fortunately for her, Morgan is not ready to let her go.

Spoilers lay ahead.

Carol and Morgan are rescued by a number of warriors on horseback from a horde of zombies. The riders take them to another walled community, known as “The Kingdom,” ruled over by an eccentric yet charismatic man who calls himself King Ezekiel, an older African American man with dreadlocks, an archaic way of speaking, and a pet tiger named Shiva.

By every measure, the Kingdom is a sanctuary from the hell that is the zombie apocalypse. But Carol finds the idea of a community ruled over by a man who seems to have stepped out of a medieval romance to be too ridiculous for words. Besides, she likely feels too guilty to deserve being in human company, enjoying a measure of prosperity and safety. So, when she has healed enough to leave, she does so, but not without being accosted by Ezekiel, who reveals a little of himself, and then makes a deal with her. She will leave and yet not leave.

Morgan takes Carol to an isolated house where she can live in isolation, but yet known to both Morgan and Ezekiel. When and if she is ready to rejoin the human race, the Kingdom will be available.

In the meantime, Ezekiel will visit her from time to time to see how she is doing.

Morgan embraces the Kingdom because he fits right in. Like Ezekiel, he is playing a role as well, as the spiritual warrior reluctant to kill the living. He is Lancelot to Ezekiel’s Arthur. Does that make Carol Guinevere?

All in all, the episode was the exact opposite of the previous one, providing an equal measure of hope and beauty to the Negan horror and despair. It is a relief that not all is horrible in s world overrun by the undead.

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