From one-on-one interviews with some top actors, it has been revealed that movie roles affect their daily lives positively or negatively. Some feel very uncomfortable having to fake sex and the moans in a sex scene. The big question is, how about the actors of horror movies?Doesthe character theyare casting for haunt them? Everything seems so real, and I wonder if the characters could be affected by the horrors they partake in.Everyyear,since 2011, 'AHS'presents blood splatters that could stain your screen.

The thriller

The blood from every season seems so real that it could stain your TV screen."AHS-My Roanoke Nightmare" (season six)stars Kathy Bates, colonist wife to the Roanoke governor, before she metamorphosed into the butcher through dark powers of the witch of the woods.

With lady gaga (witch of the woods) being horny in this season, the zeal of the butcher to offer more human sacrifice is increased. Will this lead to everybody becoming servants to the blood moon for forever? One big question that keeps every viewer glued to their seats.

The haunted, the hunter and the comebacks!

What will you do when you discover that your house could be your death bed? Will your bones become cold? Will you want to take a rest, and leave first thing the next morning? What if the night becomes too long and bathed in blood? What will you do? From the first season to season 6, every episode in the "AHS" finds more inventive ways of causing deaths. Ryan Murphy cast a spell of delight to fans of 'American horror story' by casting Cuba Gooding Jr,who played matt, couldn’t resist the charms of Lady gaga(the witch of the woods) and thus, made love to her.

Scary! Will more demon babies be born? Will the killing stop?

Can this mystery be solved?

Throats slit, ripped bodies, blood bath; is that all to it? Some persons believe that season 6 of the "American Horror Movie"wouldn’t actually begin until the sixth episode. Though, Ryan Murphy has initially opened up to the public that the sixth season would tie together the mythology of the series.

And he has also mentioned that a big twist is ahead from the sixth episode.

How long can the help last?

Matt and Shelby must have this in mind- Everyone who lived in the house is haunted by death. The human sacrifice must continue. The six-day lunar cycle in October, every year umbrellas these happenings.

Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr), who is thrown into a state of dilemma, is aided by special appearances; Dr. Elias Cunningham (Denis O’Hare) and Leslie Jordan. The arrival of Dr. Elias seemed very helpful after he successfully chased away the pig man, who has been the official guardian of the house.Unfortunately, death had to cut short the help Matt was beginning to from Dr. Elias’s arrival, though speculations have it that Dr. Elias will come back soon. Does death have little or no power over him?

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