Bollywood is second only to Hollywood in world cinema. Bollywood mainly produces films in Hindi which are either dubbed or subtitled in other languages, but despite this, these are extremely popular in the Middle East and the Indian diaspora all over the world. The top stars of Bollywood command a small fortune.

Bachchan at the top

For the last almost 4 decades thetop superstar has been Amitabh Bachchan. He startedhis rise with a role along with Rajesh Khanna in the film "Anand," but in a short span established himself as the superstar of Indian filmdom.

He dethroned the then top star Rajesh Khanna in no time and he gave to the film industry a spate of hits. He also brought professionalism to the Indian screen and was punctual and straight in all his dealings and shootings.

Bachchan has now ruled the roost for almost 4 decades and his latest offering "Pink" is again abox office success. The film brings out the histrioniccapability of Amitabhand one realizes that here is an actor who is from another dimension. Surprisingly, despite the great success of Amitabh in Bollywood, he never ventured for a role in Hollywood.

When asked about this, he had replied that he was waiting for Hollywood to come to India.

Hollywood debut

Amitabh made amends after 3 decades as the superstar of Hindi cinema when he consented to do a role in "The Great Gatsby."The role is only for about 10-15 minutes but Bachchan puts in an arresting performance. His role was much appreciated and one has been left wondering why Amitabh didn't act in a Hollywood film earlier.

Maybe if he had acted when he was in his prime, the story would have been different.

One can only say that Amitabh was so busy in building his success that he never thought of acting in a Hollywood film. Maybe, no role came his way which was commiserating with his stature and genius. These are the ifs and buts of history, and one has to live with it. Amitabh still remains a great actor, an icon of Hindi cinema, and one hopes he will star in a few more films made in Hollywood.

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