Amidst the seriousness and critiquing of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, "The Ellen Show" lightened the mood with a comedic edited clip showing Hillary Clinton dancing and the now famous internet sensation Ken Bone following her lead. This comedic relief brought much amusement to Hillary Clinton as can be seen from her reaction from the clip and viewers alike were impressed by the footage.

Ellen DeGeneres ignores arguments over who won debate

Instead of asking Hillary about the debate or discussing people's views on who won the debate, Ellen rather chose to ignore all of the discussion centered around the back and forth frenzy between the two presidential candidates and rather did what she does best in bringing a humorous approach to all of her guests.

Ellen and those involved in creating her show centered the humor around dancing, which Ellen is most recognized for and hit it out of the park by including the now famous Ken Bone.

Why Ken Bone was the star of the clip shown on 'The Ellen Show'

Before the debate, Ken Bone was an average American who just so happened to be invited to one of the most anticipated debates in American history. Little did he know how huge his persona would become after people found him to be an outlet for the best internet memes and laughs ever.

One of the reasons why Ken Bone was seen as so humorously appealing was due to his appearance, as many likened his looks to that of the character Al from "Toy Story 2" and Winnie the Pooh due to his bright red sweater. Ken Bone also seemed to be an ordinary American and someone who could easily be seen as a funny guy overall due to his speech and mannerisms.

Ken Bone thus again stole the show in the edited clip displayed on "The Ellen Show" due to the already comedic stigma centered around his image and how well placed his dance moves were with his facial reactions.

This brought all viewers to tears and Hillary enjoyed it as well as she was seen having the same expression as everyone else in watching the video.

Hillary Clinton shows acceptance to sense of humor

One of the best moments for Hillary Clinton on her final stretch of her campaign was being able to show her ability to laugh and accept satire and comedy. Many supporters and undecided voters have not been able to see that sight of her too often as she has struggled to maintain a good lead against Donald Trump and has therefore rather been more serious in her efforts to guarantee her the presidential election.

Only good came out of the clip for both Hillary Clinton and "The Ellen Show" and all of America surely enjoyed the distraction from what has been one of the most heated presidential races in recent memory.

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