There's been a lot of talking about groping in American Politics recently, most of it having to do with Donald Trump and allegations that he's facing. But Jay Leno, the former talk-show star of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," used to have a hilarious skit on Monday nights that was worth staying up for where people would send in comedic headlines from newspapers from around the country and world.Often the headlines were head scratching for one reason or another. For example, one headline that Leno made light of stated "Paying off the mortgage puts end to monthly payments." The advice is just a little too obvious for anyone to need to read a report about.

Photo angle makes Hillary appear groped

On one show in 1998 when the Hillary and Bill Clintonduo were apparently in Brazil, a photo in a Brazilian newspaper surfaced that had a comedic slant to it. It was taken from aposition and a moment that, simply due to the angle no doubt, appeared to show Hillary being groped by what looked like "one of the dignitaries" that greetedher(go to the 15-minutes and 28-seconds mark to see the relevant sequence in full).

Bill Clinton made fun of in same skit

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"originally aired from 1992 to 2009, so it covered the entire presidency of Bill Clinton.

Accordingly, the Clintons were often lampooned during the running of the show, something that goeswith the territory when it comes to being the first family. From the same clip above you can go the 13-minute and 25-second mark to see husband Jay Leno take a shot at Bill Clinton, then president of the United States.

Clinton appears in a college brochure pictured with a young woman at a time in his career when he wasn't exactly the posterboy for treating college-aged women appropriately.

The Monica Lewinsky scandal was in the media a lot in 1998, a scandalthat rocked the Bill Clinton presidency, politics in the United States, and almost lead to his impeachment. Ultimately he stayed as president, but there is some irony at the time in using him in a brochure alongside a college-aged young woman for recruitment purposes.

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