Hilary Duff found herself at the center of some disparaging social media comments after posting a picture of herself and her boyfriend in their Halloween costumes. It appears Hilary and Jason Walsh were the newest victims of not thinking their costumes through. It didn't take long for people to take it upon themselves to show them their error of their ways via social media.

Insulting costumes?

As "Fox News" reports, Hilary was dressed as a pilgrim and her boyfriend donned an Indian costume complete with a feathered headdress and face paint. What they wore would be completely appropriate a couple decades ago, but today many consider this costume insulting.

New Halloween tradition?

Both Hilary and Walsh took tosocial media sites to apologize for not thinking their costumes through, reports Heat St. They also conveyed they were very sorry if they offended anyone. From the tone of their apology posts, they seemed extremely genuine. Their apologies fall within the trend developing over the past few years for people to point out the racist or insensitive costumes worn by the Hollywood elite, suggested The Washington Post.


Folks hopped on to the social media sites to convey to Hilary and her beau that they are insulting an entire population of Americans today.

Walsh went as far in his apology as to state that he has "deep admiration" for the folks who were natives to this land before anyone else arrived.

They both said that in hindsight they would have never made the choice of Halloween costumes that they did. They are in the company of many other Hollywood figures who have been called out on their choice of costumes over the past decade or so.

Chris Hemsworth recently apologized for wearing an Indian headdress to a New Year's Eve party this year. The theme of the party was "The Lone Ranger" and Chris went wearing an Indian headdress, sparking a major outrage online.

'Blackface' spikes

According to the Washington Post, the "late website Gawker documented theOctober spikes in blackface." This statementcame from regular folks who dressed up as celebrities like Niki Minaj and Kanye West.

Halloween isthe time of the year for the masses to call out the racist costumes and set the world straight on what is and is not appropriate. College girls in sombreros were also recently lambasted for their portrayal of racism.

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