Death cults, seers, and poltergeists, oh my! It’s time for Halloween on “Hawaii Five-0”, and, as per tradition, the series will tackle the wonderfully wacky as fall settles in.

Kono (Grace Park) and Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) are doomed to a life of trouble on “Hawaii Five-0." The days of torture, prison, and the Yakuza are behind them, but almost as soon as Adam steps foot on free soil, the newlyweds will find themselves captives of a death cult. Yes, you read that right. Gabriel is dead and gone, but the island of Oahu seems to have it out for the beleaguered couple.

Kono & Adam vs. 'Five-0' Halloween Horror

Aptly titled “Ka hale ho'okauweli (House of Horrors),"episode 6 will air on Oct. 28, just days before All Hallows Eve.

“On Halloween, Five-0 investigates the murder of a medium with a checkered past who was apparently scared to death by a poltergeist,” CBS teased. “Also, Kono and Adam are kidnapped by what appears to be a death cult.”

Does Kono and Adam’s misfortune have anything to do with the latter’s life on the inside, or is it just terrible luck? It’s true Mr. Noshimuri has worked diligently to get on the straight and narrow, but nearly two years behind bars has acquainted the character up with a few questionable pals.

Adam back in trouble again?

Adam will have to "fulfill a promise he had made," showrunner Peter Lenkov told TV Guide.

"Not really a promise, but help a friend out that was in prison, getting something done for him on the outside."

In the meantime, fans can look forward the Kono and Adam’s long-anticipated reunion. As Five-0 tracks a batch of stolen weapons, a certain cop will be waiting outside the gates of Halawa. Look for the scene to air during this Friday’s “Ke K?

‘Ana (The Stand)." In fact, you can get a sneak peek below!

Once the pair is back home, they can finally start their life together. A life, may we add, that will include a little baby planning.

“Hawaii Five-0” airs Fridays at 9 p.m.

ET on CBS. Click the video below to see a promo for the series’ next episode.

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