We are approaching the Halloween weekendand even if "Grey's Anatomy" is not a horror TV show, it has so many scary, sad and terrible casualties. Shonda Rhimes loves to seeus cry our hearts out. Let's recap the 10 saddest losses we had to endure in these thirteen seasons.

Saddest moments in the first seasons

During the first six seasons, there were various sad and tragic deaths. Season one didn't prepare us for what was coming. Instead, season two was the beginning of a long series of tear-jerking moments: the firstheartbreaking loss was Denny.

Ellis Grey, Adele Webber & Susan Grey

Do you have some kind of relationship or family tie with Meredith Grey?

Well, you die. Meredith's mother and stepmother passed away in the first seasons: the former in an incredible purgatory-esque episode while Meredith was in a coma, the latter died from the hiccups. Adele's death was off-screen:Richard heard the news and decided not to miss Bailey's wedding.

Henry Burton & Reed Adamson

Reed was a surgical resident at Seattle Grace Mercy West and April's roommate. Gary Clark chooses her as the first victim of his hospital shooting. He shot her in the head point-blank after she wouldn’t tell him where to find Derek.Henry was a kind and interesting character. His death during Cristina's operation can only be defined as heartbreaking: Young is not aware of the identity of the patient she is operating on, and only after he dies, she finds out.

Plenty of tears.


The first significant deathwas Izzie's patient/lover Denny.Jeffrey Dean Morgan played this sweet, ill man who falls in love with his doctor. After a series of hopeless medical procedures, he unexpectedly dies alone. When Izzie with her gorgeous dress gets to the hospital, she is devasted.

George O' Malley

Season five wasn't easy: we had Izzie's cancer storyline and so many changes. "Here's to Future Days" ending was just heartbreaking: George dies after getting hit by a bus, while he was going to volunteer in the army. Do we need to addanything else? Yes, we get to know that the John Doe is George, only in the episode's last minutes.


Lexie Grey

Lexie is introduced in "Grey's Anatomy" during season three. At first, she wasn't the most interesting and charming character but her love story with Mark was just perfect. Season 8 was her swan song: when you think you really like a Grey's character, it's the perfect time to watch her die in a plane crash. Heart-stopping.

Mark Sloane

If losing Lexie wasn't enough, Mark's loss was. Watching this incredible and beloved protagonist dying in a hospital bed had fans screaming for days. The only silver lining: at least Lexie and Mark will live together somewhere else, they are soulmates.

Derek Shepherd

Who else could it be other than him? As Meredith, we fell for McDreamy instantly.

Their relationship was the main core of the show, and we couldn't possibly foresee this huge loss. Apparently after 11 seasons, Patrick Dempsey decided that he wanted to leave the show. Shonda did the rest. Beyond heartbreaking: the most devasting.

This is it: Grey's has so many seasons and characters that it wasn't easy to choose the 10 saddest departures. Who do you miss the most?

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