Fans who had guessed that "Grey's Anatomy" actress Camilla Luddington was hiding a pregnancy in a video of herself with Ellen DeGeneres were right. The 32-year-old shared one of the cutest ever announcements on Instagram, using a pumpkin because she'll "have a belly that size" by the spring. She will be the second of two actresses on the TV show to be pregnant during season 13, and there are now questions over how this will be handled in the show. Will she fall pregnant with either Alex Karev or Andrew DeLuca?

Camilla Luddington announces pregnancy on social media

The actress took to Instagram to make the announcement. She shared a photo of herself sitting, with a pumpkin in her lap. The pumpkin has her due date of spring 2017 stuck to it. She says that she chose the pumpkin because she will be that size next year. It appears that this is going to be a pregnancy that fans can follow through the social media account, as she says that she looks forward to allowing her fans follow her on this journey.

It is the first pregnancy for the actress, who is dating actor Matt Allan.

She regularly shares updates of her life for her fans to follow on the social media site. One of the latest was sharing milkshakes with her boyfriend.

Just the latest 'Grey's Anatomy' pregnancy

Luddington is certainly not the first and will not be the last actress to fall pregnant while filming on "Grey's Anatomy." In fact, this season alone will see another pregnancy either written in or being hidden, as Caterina Scorsone, who plays Dr.

Amelia Shepherd, has announced that she is pregnant with her second child. It was expected last week that Amelia would find out that she is pregnant, after she and husband Dr. Owen Hunt decide to try for a baby. Instead, she was relieved to see a negative test.

As for Luddington, there are questions over what will happen for her character Dr. Jo Wilson. At the end of last season, she made the suggestion to boyfriend Karev that they try for a baby, despite turning down his marriage proposal.

It turns out that she is still married to an abusive guy, and changed her name so he couldn't find her. Rather than deal with the guy, she wants to keep Alex and her friends safe. Unfortunately, Alex walked in on DeLuca trying to innocently help Jo into bed while drunk and ended up beating DeLuca up. Now he faces jail time and the loss of his license.

There is some flirtation going on between DeLuca and Wilson. Is it possible that they will get together to create a love triangle and Luddington's character is pregnant by the intern?

Maybe she could end up sleeping with both men and not know who the father is.

Only time will tell. "Grey's Anatomy" Season 13 continues on Thursdays at 8pm on ABC. There is still plenty of time to figure out how to handle Luddington's very real pregnancy.

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