"Grey's Anatomy"fans have seen so many characters come and go through their 12 seasons. We watched some of the main characters come full circle and go on to bigger positions at other hospitals. We tuned in as several passed away due to sickness or tragedy. We are now left with very few of the original cast members and a completely different show than when it all began.

Meredith and Alex have gotten close. They have been by each other's side through so much that a strong bond has formed between the two.

After Christine left, Alex became Meredith's "person". Her ride or die, her go-to guy. The two stand by each other and have an understanding of each other that most of the others don't.

Why did Alex attack DeLuca?

In the season 12 finale, Alex was beating DeLuca senseless because he misread the situation he walked in on. He assumed DeLuca was making a move on his drunk girlfriend, Jo. As season 13 opened, we saw the beating continue. In the end, DeLuca was in pretty bad shape and Alex's hands were bloodied and bruised.

Alex did the right thing in the end and turned himself in for beating DeLuca. He now faces felony charges and possible jail time. This incident could cost him his medical license as well. Bailey, being the wonderful boss she is, has given him the opportunity to work in the clinic rather than be terminated. Alex has committed to doing what it takes to get through this and keep his medical license.

What is to come for Alex?

As "Grey's Anatomy" plays out this season we can expect some changes.Many of the characters will be torn between DeLuca and Alex as the story plays out. Alex has a lot of deep seated anger over things in his past and at times he struggles to control that anger. We have watched him grow and become a much more caring doctor and a better person. He still has to learn that Jo is married and has hidden that from him all this time.

That will surely cause more hurt and anger for him to deal with. He wants her to be his wife and is ready to take that step yet she has kept that secret.

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