"Grey's Anatomy" spoilers for Season 13 are in, and one old face is set to return. While many fans have been hoping for news that characters like Cristina Yang or Izzie Stevens would be returning to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, they'll have to settle for another familiar face instead. Former resident, Leah Murphy is officially back in Seattle. Many "Grey's" fans may remember that Leah caused an awful lot of trouble for the hospital and a few doctors as well the last time she worked there. This means that her return is sure to be full of drama and a lot of awkward encounters.


Leah Murphy makes her return

In Thursday night's episode, Leah Murphy, played by actress Tessa Ferrer, will make her official return. In a new sneak peek for the episode, all the doctors that once knew her can't stop talking about her re-appearance at the hospital. While Alex once had a bit of a romantic relationship with her, he has so much more to worry about than Leah. However, Arizona seems a bit worried about running into Leah. In the past, "Grey's Anatomy" viewers watched as Arizona and Leah engaged in a fling.


However, Doctor Murphy got a bit too attached, and when Arizona tried to break things off in a nice manner, she went off the deep end. Leah began shaking up the hospital with claims of harassment and complaints about the attending doctors.

Awkward encounters and more coming in Thursday's episode

As many "Grey's Anatomy" fans may remember, Leah Murphy was also the young doctor who drilled all the way through a patient's leg while in the operating room.

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In the new clip, Stephanie reveals to DeLuca, who has never met Leah, that she left because of her problems, but also because she didn't study, prepare, or fight to get into the operating room. Of course, this is the time when Leah decides to make her grand entrance and overhears her former friends talking about her behind her back. She asks to sit with them at lunch, and then calls them out for gossiping. It looks like Leah may really shake things up at Grey Sloan Memorial with her return.

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