Grey's Anatomy” spoilers tease that a wild episode is on the way Thursday night that fans will not want to miss. Arizona is on her ownromantically and there is no hope of a reunion with Callie since she moved to New York, but a former flame of Arizona's is on her way back to the hospital and this will shake things. What's the scoop?

Former intern Dr. Leah Murphy returns to Grey-Sloan

Fans may need a bit of a refresher when it comes to the character of Dr. Leah Murphy, but a preview jam-packed with “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers from TVLine will get everybody up to speed.

Leah previously appeared in Seasons 9 and 10 and she had flings with both Alex and Arizona. She developed a reputation for having issues on her cases and she was ultimately fired by Richard when he determined that her surgical skills were lacking.

Now Murphy has suddenly been rehired and while Maggie will be thrilled to have an intern with such skills at the hospital, Arizona will be in a bit of a panic. “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers have teased that Arizona will be finding romance again this season and the buzz has been that it will begin right about now.

Will the show try to push Arizona and Leah back together again as a couple? Based on the online commentary from fans about Murphy's return, it doesn't sound likely that viewers will embrace this one.

How are 'Grey's' fans reacting to Murphy's return?

Arizona has had plenty of relationships over the years, but the one she had briefly with Leah doesn't go down as one of the greats for viewers. In fact, as comment sections started to light up over the topic, many noted that they would much rather see Hilarie Burton return as Dr.

Lauren Boswell, despite the fact that the fling involving Lauren caused the split for Callie and Arizona.

Alas, Burton isn't the prior cast member who is returning at this point, so everybody will have to tune in to see if Leah's surgical skills have improved and if her presence can shake things up in good ways at the hospital. Tessa Ferrer's return as Dr. Leah Murphy begins on “Grey's Anatomy” with the Season 13, Episode 6 show titled “Roar” that is set to air on Thursday, October 27.

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