Fans are loving Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy so far as there has been plenty of emotion, drama, and action. Up until this point, however, Arizona has been missing from the action, but that changes with Episode 3 airing Thursday night. What has Jessica Capshaw teased about her character's return?

Arizona is back in the mix again

Arizona and Callie, played by Sara Ramirez, went through a vicious custody battle throughout Season 12. Arizona ended up winning, but she surprised Callie and everybody else by reaching out to her ex-wife and compromising, and now Callie is off the canvas and in New York City.

Jessica Capshaw tells TVLine that things definitely were left open-ended with Callie and Ramirez, but it doesn't sound as if Arizona will be sitting around waiting for things to change again.

The character may have been out of the mix during the chaos of the Andrew and Alex situation exploding, but Capshaw teases “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers indicating that her character will be fully aware of all that went down. It seems that Arizona will have been in New York throughout the initial drama, and now she's returning to work and realizing just how bad things were.

As fans know, she's quite close to Alex, but what happened to Andrew was brutal and she will feel a bit stuck in the middle.

There's more ahead regarding Meredith and Maggie

TV Guide shares that in addition to Arizona's return, viewers will see Ben managing a new parenting role and Amelia will try to take care of a challenge related to Meredith and Maggie. Is this concerning the love triangle emerging over Riggs?

Meredith told Riggs that he had to turn Maggie's date request down, but she also isn't ready to go full-steam ahead in a relationship with him either. Are these two destined to be together or will it be too messy?

Arizona will be getting a new love interest not too far down the road, and “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers tease that there is plenty more to come regarding Meredith and Riggs. Will Alex manage to overcome the troublesome situation he's found himself in, and will Jo find a way to forgive him?

Season 13 has started off with a bang and there is plenty more drama on the way from the sounds of things.

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