In Season 13 of "Grey's Anatomy" there are lots of changes for Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). She is now the custodial parent of Sophia and is adjusting well to the balance of work and home. The only thing she seems to be missing is a partner. She has dated on and off since her relationship withCallie ended but for one reason or another, she always ends up alone again. She even had Richard (James Pickens, Jr.) as her "wing man" for a while helping her meet women.

This season we will see the return of a familiar face.

Tessa Ferrer will step back into the role of Leah Murphy. She was a surgicalstudent in Seasons nine and 10 that had a rocky relationship with Arizona. Richard let her go for being a bad surgeon lacking the ability of her peersin the finale of Season 10. Now she is set to return to the set in Season 13 but we don't know for how many episodes.

Can we expect to see their relationship rekindled?

According to the creator of "Grey's Anatomy,"Shonda Rhimes, this season we will see Arizona in her first significant relationship since Callie (Sara Ramirez).

TV Linetells us that Capshaw had said herself that fans will be seeing her new love interest in the near future. It appears that Arizona and Leah will indeed be giving love another chance.

Arizona's relationship with Callie ended due to infidelity on her part. In the end Callie was too broken-hearted to heal and trust Arizona again. The two worked to co-parent Sophia until Callie made a decision to move out of state.

Callie started a court battle that ended in Arizona taking custody of their daughter.

Leah's backstory

Leah's mother had dated Mark Sloan for a brief time. He used his influence to get her accepted to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as a surgical resident.Leahfirst became romantically involved with Alex (Justin Chambers) but moved on to Arizona when she and Callie first separated. The relationship never got on solid ground and eventually Arizona ended it so she could try again with Callie.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursday nights on ABC.

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