"Grey’s Anatomy", the American drama series that airs every Thursday at 8:00 EDT on ABC has returned to the thirteenth season and sixth episode of the season is named “ROAR”.

Leah Murphy comes back to GS

The sixth episode will see the return of Leah Murphy back to Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. She was made to leave the hospital in season 10 as her superiors felt that she was not very much fit as a surgeon.

Side effects of Leah's return

Leah’s return may not suit many people in the hospital as she may be shaking things for few including other doctors and paediatrics especially Arizona who was once very close with Leah.

Leah overhears Arizona, Jo and Edwards talking

Arizona complaints about the unfair attitude of Dr, Webber to appoint Leah back without conferring with her while Jo and Edwards relive old memories of Leah’s time at Hospital previously. As they talk, Leah arrives at the cafeteria and overhears the last piece of their conversation where the three talk how Leah’s sex life had brought the hospital down with complaints and harassment lawsuits.

Apart from Leah’s reappearance in Thursday’s episode, there will be much more to paint the town red in GS Memorial Hospital. Bailey will confront Alex who was once a bed partner to Leah during her internship at the hospital, about his violent war of words with DeLuca in the finale of last season.

If Alex will get one more chance at the hospital

Catherine will assert Bailey to decide fast about Alex’s future in the hospital Bailey is a young doctor who hates his current work in shifts in the clinic.

Amelia in tough emotional spot

Amelia and Owen are not expecting and Amelia who has just discovered that she is not pregnant and is still not over this, but she will face a tough emotional time as she has to handle a medical emergency involving a child.

So remain tuned to find out if Amelia has more to make her day worse, or she will put her emotions aside and treat the patient with her best efforts and how Leah’s reappearance shall take the story forward.

The show features surgical interns and seniors on medical journey and how they become part of heart tearing stories in the hospital and how sometimes they have to take a life changing decisions for becoming best doctors.

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