"Grey's Anatomy" gets back one of their pastinterns who was let go by Richard Webber for a barrage of inappropriate behavior including 'gross incompetence. Leah Murphy returns on "Grey's Anatomy" tonight much to the dismay of many of the Grey Sloan staff who remember all too well some of her more abominable mistakes.

Look who walks into the cafeteria!

According to Us Magazine, the latest clip released is a teaser for tonight's "Grey's Anatomy" episode, which can be seen below. The two people who jump to Leah's side during this discussion taking place in the hospital's cafeteria are Alex Karev and Arizona Robbins: As fans remember, both of whom had romantic relationships with Leah.

The conversation among the characters centers on Leah coming back especially after she was let go by Webber for a variety of reasons. Leah hooking up with both Alex and Arizona in the past caused some angst at the time for the hospital. Her behaviors left a wake of complaints and harassment lawsuits, but she wasn't let go due to just that.

Overly awkward moment

Some of the mistakes Leah made with patients were not minor, like when she "drilled through her patient's leg." Stephanie is seen sitting at a cafeteria table reminding her coworkers of how bad things got with Leah before she left.

She was referring to Leah drilling all the way down to the table through that patient's leg, which was no little mess up.

Why is she back?

As the "Grey's Anatomy" characters are discussing all of Leah's less than stellar performances at the cafeteria table, guess who walks up and asks to join the crew? That would be Leah herself. This is what Us Magazine calls a "cringe-worthy" encounter. By now the fans of the show are probably scratching their heads as they wonder what stars collided for her character to be allowed back.

For sure many are anxious to see just how "Grey's Anatomy" is going to explain this one!.

Leah raised havoc

TV Guide reminds their readers that Leah was fired for "gross incompetence" and the fact that she took aim at Callie with a sexual harassment lawsuit. Has she changed? In some ways, fans can expect to see a different Leah but her fixation on with those in superior positions has not waned.

Sights set on new doctor?

Leah comes back to the hospital with a different doctor in her sights today. She is certainly a complex character and with the writers from "Grey's Anatomy" bringing her back, they have opened up many possible story lines for the show. Needless to say when Leah first appears to her former co-workers they aren't jumping for joy that she's returned. This is "Grey's Anatomy" so anything can happen with Leah's return! Tonight's episode is titled "Roar" and it is the seventh episode of season 13.

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