Grey’s Anatomy premiered for the first time in 2005 and became a top-rated show after only nine episodes. It all started with the lovable Dr. McDreamy as part of this medical drama and ever-growing interns and doctors. Despite the ups and downs, Grey’s Anatomy remained the highest rated TV show.

Upcoming surprises in Season Thirteen

After the birth of a baby, a dynamic wedding, and a horrific fight, there are some interesting twists and turns throughout this season. Some occurrences on Grey’s Anatomy are:

  • After Alex brutally beat DeLuca, the hospital is in an uproar, taking sides and wondering what happened and why. Alex struggles to keep his job as doctor and surgeon.
  • Maggie has feelings for Riggs, while Riggs continues to pursue Meredith, putting a strain on the half-sisters. The show plans to get deep into the relationship between Maggie and Meredith.
  • Riggs keeps pursuing Meredith, but she kindly refuses his advances, but for how long?
  • Jo still is not telling Alex that she’s married. After witnessing the brutal beating, she becomes withdrawn from him and does not confess to Alex that she is wed to her abuser. She changed her identity after leaving her husband, and her thought is that her past would put not only herself but Alex in danger.
  • After having the baby, April and Jackson came together for the sake of keeping the family together and raise their daughter. They are trying to do so in a healthy way, but we all wonder why and when they will see and admit that they still have feelings for one another.
  • Amelia moves out of Meredith’s house.
  • Immediately following the wedding, there is some explosive information about Amelia and Owen. Is it that they are going to have a baby or something else mysterious?
  • The report is that Jo’s ex could make an appearance on the show.
  • Arizona finally gets a new love interest.

Back to basics

Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy, created by Shonda Rhimes, is focusing on Meredith, her half-sister Maggie and some of the oldies still on the series.

The doctors are all deeply explored from where they were to where they are at this moment. Meredith made a significant shift in her life after the loss of Derek, exploring her life as a single working mom.

Some original characters that left the show for various other reasons and opportunities may be returning this season, like Izzie played by Katherine Heigl or Cristina, played by Sandra Oh. Could Izzie be returning to add a little more chaos in Alex’s life? Much of the show will focus on Alex, his fallout with Jo and the brutal attack on Deluca.

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