The truth

I know it's unbelievable but it’s the truth. If we go back to the first battle where these two Saiyan warriors faced each other we find the great truth that is hidden to the naked eye. Let’s travel back in time in our minds to see what happened in the saga of these two Saiyans, after they defeated the first warrior of this race who is nothing less than Goku’s brother, Raditz. He himself says that there are two more enemies coming to earth to destroy it and because of this reason our protagonist decides to train in another world with a being called North Kaiosama.

After Goku used the kaiken increased 10 times, which was not enough to kill Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyans created an artificial moon in order to become a giant ape, thus increasing his Ki in a surprising way, leaving Goku out of combat to the point that he could not even move because he had all of his bones crushed.

Goku’s last act is when he gives the genkidama to Krillin hoping to end once and for all with Vegeta, using this technique that uses all the energy of the earth in one swoop. Kaiosama communicates with Krillin to teach him to use the genkidama, which can be thrown at people with evil ki.

Even after Vegeta is impacted by the genkidama, he returns to the battlefield to kill all the people who caused him pain and they cannot do anything because they are too weak to continue fighting, but Gohan, whose tail has regenerated, transformed into a giant monkey with a huge ki. By this point the Saiyan prince was in big trouble because he had received too much damage throughout the fight with Goku plus Krillin’s attack with the famous genkidama, and now he faced an Oozaru who was out of control. 

The other battle that Goku and Vegeta have is in Majin Buu’s saga

This happens because Vegeta lets himself be controlled by the magician Babidi to have an excuse to face his biggest rival without having to worry about anyone, just to defeat him once and for all demonstrating that he is the strongest in the universe, because he is the prince of the Saiyans, a warrior superior to Goku.

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