The "Growing Up Hip Hop" cast consists of Romeo Miller, Angela Simmons, and Kristina DeBarge. We caught up with Romeo at the Paley Center on Thursday, September 29.

Starring role on 'Growing Up Hip Hop'

Shani Harris: Can you talk about what we can expect from you this season on "Growing Up Hip-Hop"? It starts off in the trailer where there is some drama. You are getting sued by your mom. Has that been resolved?

Romeo Miller:This season everybody opened up a bit more. This season on "Growing Up Hip-Hop" everybody is a little more vulnerable.

We wanted to let you guys in more and show you that we are ready. We go through regular family drama and family issues and try to solve it. Now I feel the cool thing about this season is it's like watching Dr. Phil because you're gonna learn something about life. I can't tell you if I resolve anything. But it is definitely a rollercoaster ride and that is a sensitive subject. But I wanted to show kids that no matter what I'm always gonna love my mom. When you're in this business when people see money lawyers always try to persuade people for that.

But I'm always going to be there for my mom. I love my mom to death. I hope kids could watch this and learn to love their parents no matter what. I just try to do the godly thing. I know god will handle everything.

SH: So are you on speaking terms now?

RM:Yeah, you've gotta watch the show. It's sad what lawyers will do when they have been controlling my mother. It's one of those things where it is a sensitive and hard thing to deal with, but it's life.

But I know we'll get over it. And that is what I'm trying to do on the show. You see us trying to get over it. It's one of those situations where everything that glitters isn't gold. This is the pros and cons that happen when you reach success. Certain people may get certain people that you love and care for to try and take the money route. It's nothing against my mom. It's more lawyers. They see money and they see greed.

I'm always going to be there for my mom. So, on the show hopefully you will be able to see how we resolved it.

SH: What is the status of your relationship with Angela Simmons? She just got engaged and she had her baby. She just announced the birth of her baby. But you guys had a complicated relationship. Was it "friends with benefits"?

RM: No. Me and her were just really really good friends.It's crazy because this generation is just like…

SH: You're blushing.

RM: No, it's because like man and woman can't be friends in 2016? We're really good friends and I respect that. That's the thing with her.

And that's why it's kind of tricky on this season. You'll see our relationship. We are trying to figure it out. Because when you do get engaged and you do have a baby then your life changes. And it's one of those things where that happens. Life happens. People grow. People's lives change and you've gotta figure out where you fit in there now.

SH: What is the status of the relationship that you had with your girlfriend, which was occurring at the time when you were filming?

RM: I don't kiss and tell.

SH: Are you still together? Because there was some controversy with your interracial relationship.

On the set of 'Empire'

RM: I'm in a relationship right now. My girlfriend's name is Tiana on Empire. So you've gotta check that out next week. That's my relationship.

SH:Give us the scoop on "Empire." You're going to be going with Tiana on the show?

RM: Yes, that is my love interest on the show. I play a character named Gram. And I'm Hakeem's new rival. I'm excited about it. He's not the most likable or lovable person at first. But, I think that once you get to know him the fans are really going to love his character.

SH:Are you going to be rapping a lot on the show?

RM: Yeah, my first appearance next week.

I'm doing a performance. I only told you that first. So I'll be doing a performance.

'Empire' airs Wednesdays at 9pm on Fox.'Growing Up Hip-Hop' Season 2 airs on WE tv.

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