A new General Hospital” spoilers video was released this morning called ‘Claudette’s Attacker’ but it would be more aptly titled ‘Claudette’s Attacker Attacks Maxie!’ Claudette Beaulieu’s lies have caused repercussions but it seems that Valentin Cassadine accidentally grabs Maxie Jones instead.

Maxie attacked outside Claudette’s hotel room

Claudette finds the rug pulled out from under her this week when Maxie reveals to Nathan West that she ran a second paternity test because she doubts the one ran with the hairs from Claudette’s locket since they have no proof those hairs came from Charlotte West.

Maxie reveals the results of the second DNA test and tells Nathan they must confront her. The new “General Hospital” spoiler video also shows Griffin Munro getting in on the action and telling Claudette that none of them can trust anything she says.

Mistaken identity puts Maxie at risk!

At the MetroCourt hotel, Maxie has what we assume to be Claudette’s room key – perhaps she’s going to look for proof of who Charlotte’s real father is after the DNA test shows Nathan is not the baby daddy. But a bearded bad man is lurking there waiting.

The bad guy mistakes Maxie for Claudette and grabs her while she flails and screams for help. Will someone hear Maxie’s screams and come save her or is it too late?

Other shots from the video show Nathan and Claudette creeping into a room – perhaps looking for Maxie.

Check the stunned look on Claudette's face at the 12 second mark of the video as a man approaches her - anyone else think it's Valentin come to Port Charles to punishClaudetteand take Charlotte? Is there any chance Charlotte is Valentin's daughter and not Nathan's?

Claudette warned them about Valentin

Claudette told Griffin and Nathan both about her dangerous liaison with bastard Cassadine and bad boy Valentin. In the “General Hospital” spoiler video she tells them that they are all in danger and it seems like she’s right based on what happens to Maxie.

While Valentin'sface is not shown in the spoiler video, GH fans expect him backto Port Charles soon.

The powerful people he works for may have helped him get out of jail and now he's coming for Claudette. Maxie will be furious she was mistaken for cunning Claudette but can she prove to her attacker he got the wrong girl?

Watch the ABC promo video below and tell me what you think about this violent case of mistaken identity. Please rate this article if you like it!

General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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