“General Hospital” spoilers video from ABC GH released tonight titled “Wake of Tragedy” show that big trouble is coming for the Corinthos family in the wake of the death of Morgan Corinthos. It’s not pretty and GH viewers have to wonder if the family can come together in grief or whether they will be ripped apart.

Blame or forgiveness?

The video shows Morgan just as the car bomb explodes and asks, “in the wake of tragedy, a family must choose between blame and forgiveness.” The “General Hospital” promo video show Carly Corinthos bawling to Sonny Corinthos over the loss of Morgan.

Michael Corinthos screams into Sonny’s crying face, “You’re the one who killed him.” This verbal assault has Sonny sobbing. As if it’s not bad enough that Sonny has lost his youngest son to tragedy, his adoptive son makes it plain that he blames him.

Can the family move past this?

Sonny tells Carly that he, “can’t do this without you.” But will Carly be moved or myopic? “General Hospitalspoilers for Thursday October 20 show Carly telling Sonny that she loves him and always will and then it seems like there’s a big “but” coming after that.Can Michael get past this?

It was tough enough for Michael to get past Sonny shooting his bio-father AJ Quartermaine, but now that he thinks Sonny also killed his brother it seems like a tough sell to let it slide. Is Michael done with his adoptive dad once again?

Should they forgive Sonny?

Jason Morgan is advocating for Sonny with Michael and Carly but are his entreaties falling on deaf ears? Carly told Jason every time she looks at Sonny, she sees Morgan dead.

Michael has to feel the same way. Michael will soon comfort Carly and they will share their grief.

Since Michael and Carly both share the stance that Sonny is to blame they may feed on each other’s anger, sadness, and resentment and make things harder for Sonny to overcome. Is this the end of Sonny’s happy family? Can the Corinthos family overcome this crisis?

“General Hospital” spoilers shows next week Carly delves further into her grief as she plans Morgan’s memorial service and Dante Falconeri gives her Morgan’s necklace that was found in the wreckage as confirmation of his brother’s untimely and violent demise.

General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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