“General Hospital” spoilers show that Valentin Cassadine has an agenda now that he’s back in Port Charles but no one seems to know too much about the guy. Here’s a wild theory – what if he’s Stavros Cassadine and has been hiding under a fake identity for the past few years?

Anna recognized Valentin

On the Monday October 24 GH, Anna Devane said she recognized Valentin but couldn’t place him. She mentioned it was something about his eyes. Anna knows exactly who Stavros Cassadine is and she might be seeing either a family resemblance there – or perhaps Valentin is Stavros back from the "dead."

Stavros has survived death so many times and Alexis Davis even mentioned that Cassadines never die.

Could GH writers have resurrected Stavros but he’s calling himself Valentin? The real Valentin could have been killed off by Stavros or held captive somewhere and he stole his identity.

Fake identities run rampant on General Hospital

Consider how many times there have been fakes and doppelgangers on GH. Cesar Faison was wearing Duke Lavery’s face, Luke Spencer had the Bill Eckert story then the epic fail of Fluke, and there was also Manny and Mateo Ruiz, Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain, plus Grant Putnam.

The list is lengthy.

It wouldn’t be too out of line for GH to have resurrected Stavros but have him playing Valentin. Using that fake identity allowed him to build a new life with a scary alter-ego but with none of the baggage attached to the name Stavros Cassadine.

Sure it’s crazy, but…

True Valentin told a convincing story on Cassadine Island about growing up a bastard, being rejected, etc., etc.

However that could have been dinner theatre for the crowd on the island and all a big lie. There’s also the chance that he’s Stavros and has been brainwashed to think that he’s Valentin.

It would be absolutely shocking if GH went this route, but it’s worth a mention just in case the writers have gone ridiculously far off the reservation. We’re on daddy number two for Charlotte Beaulieu and it seems increasingly like she’s not Griffin Munro’s daughter either.

Is Charlotte the thermos baby?

Some GH watchers have theorized that Charlotte is the “thermos baby” from the embryo Stavros created from his sperm and Lulu Spencer’s egg. If Charlotte is thermos offspring, rather than Claudette’s daughter, why does Valentin want her so badly?

This is not about punishing Claudette. Valentin said on the Monday October 24 episode that Claudette stole something from him. That means he thinks Charlotte is his. Charlotte could be the daughter of Valentin and Claudette or little thermos and Valentin wants her because he’s Stavros.

The truth will set us free!

The Charlotte lie is growing tiresome and “General Hospital” spoilers show we’ve got at least a week or two more of fabrications coming from Ms Beaulieu.

However it works out it will be a relief for Charlotte to have her real father revealed (assuming he’s alive).But the most relieved of all may be the GH watchers that have waited patiently while this story has unraveled over the past many months. It’s been a long and exhausting road. Let’s hope we’re at the end of it soon!

Is Charlotte the kid of Valentin? Or could she be the thermos kiddo? Is Valentin really himself or could he be Stavros resurrected?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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