Today’s “General Hospital” spoilers for the show on Tuesday October 25 show happy and sad news with Jason Morgan and Sam Morgan telling thrilled Danny Morgan there'sa bun in her oven. Hayden Barnes and Dr. Hamilton Finn share a tender moment that turns hot.

Julian vs.Sonny

Nina Clay pokes Julian Jerome about his car bomband sayshe’s lucky to be in one piece. Julian hopesCurtis Ashford will nabSonny Corinthos butit could be too late since Sonny wantsJulian to take a dirt nap.

Boozy Alexis Davis wantsSonny to make her a widow.

With Carly Corinthos and Sonny’s marriage in the crapper, might we seeSonny and Alexis doingthe horizontal mambo again?

Sonny vs. Scott

Ava Jerome is terrified Sonny will find out what she did to Morgan Corinthos and confides in Scott Baldwin that Sonny will kill her if he does. Scott wants to protect his cash cowAva andpicks a fight with Sonny as part of hisagenda.

What does Scott hope to get from this altercation? Sonny assaults Scott at the docks and things get ugly. Those two hate each otherso this is hardly a surprise.

Can Scott help Ava avoid payback for her actions?

Valentin vs. Claudette

Valentin Cassadine has Claudette Beaulieu trapped and unable to avoid his questions. Valentin wants back what she stole - Charlotte Beaulieu. Is Valentin Charlotte’s real father? Why does he want the child?

Maxie Jones survived Valentin’s henchmen and she and Nathan West want tomove on with lifeplans. With Charlotte declared Griffin Munro's, all ties between Nathan and Claudette are cut.

Franco vs. his mommy issues

Franco Baldwin turns Heather Webber over to the cops for the attack on Bobbie Spencer and Lucas Jones. Franco submitsthe recording to Jordan Ashford for her to close the caseand clear GH to reopen.

“General Hospital” spoilersshowthe sale of the hospitalfalls through, Mayor Lomax won’t get condos, and Franco and Elizabeth Webber get their jobs back. Franco did this for love and Elizabeth shows her appreciation.

“General Hospital” spoilers show more Valentin drama this week while Sonny continues his descent into madness.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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