General Hospital” spoilers for today’s GH on Thursday, October 20, 2016, show Maxie Jones in danger thanks to Claudette Beaulieu’s laughably bad life choices. Maxie is held hostage by what is presumably a bad dude on the payroll of jailbird Greek bastard Valentin Cassadine.

Will Maxie kick some henchman hiney?

Maxie will not be calm about the lurker in Claudette’s hotel room grabbing her up and we can expect chaos to ensue. Maxie may be able to talk her way out of it since she’s not the one the guy wants but she may have to give up Nathan West’s icky ex-wife’s location to get free.

That should be fine with Maxie unless it puts Charlotte Beaulieu in danger. Last Maxie saw Claudette’s demon seed she was in the care of Dr. Obrecht so whether she willingly gives up that info is difficult to say. Claudette warned them danger was coming but they thought it was another lie.

Claudette spins another saga

Claudette told ex-padre Griffin Munro and ex-husband Nathan that Valentin wants to punish her and take Charlotte and asks Griffin to leave Port Charles with her right away. Griffin is recalcitrant and suspects Claudette is lying again.

The last offer Griffin got was for them to leave without the kid and now she’s trying to leave with the kid. Claudette’s story doesn’t add up and her lies are catching up with her. How long until these three figureout that Maxie is late to the party and go looking for her?

Sonny begs for his marriage

Sonny Corinthos treks to see Carly Corinthos at her place and asks her to come back to him. Carly isn’t so inclined and Michael Corinthos will hop on the bandwagon of blame and shout at his father that all this is his fault and with no evidence to the contrary, it might be.

Nelle Hayes takes Ava Jerome down a notch when she finds her in the bedroom of Morgan Corinthos. Can Ava tell a convincing lie or will she be ushered out by the substitute nanny and have to give up on her quest to retrieve Morgan’s medicine bottle?

“General Hospital” spoilers show the Thursday, October 20, 2016, GH focuses on Claudette, Griffin, Maxie and Nathan with a side dish of Ava, Nelle, Sonny and Carly thrown into the mix.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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