General Hospital” spoilers for today’s GHMonday October 17 2016 have Maxie Jones ordering a rush DNA test on the juice box she let Charlotte Beaulieu drink from. Julian Jerome is at the home of Sonny Corinthos and they threaten one another.

Nelle Hayes is at Sonny’s house watching Avery Jerome Corinthos and interacts with a sad Sonny. Bobbie Spencer is Avery’s regular babysitter and she will see Nelle and Sonny talking and get the wrong idea. Maybe Bobbie has a flashback to what Carly Corinthos did to her.

GH up for sale means trouble for Franco

Elizabeth Webber is running out of money and has three kids to feed and no job since “General Hospital” is up for sale. Franco Baldwin loves Elizabeth but he’s broke too and has no more money to give her. Franco has an idea for how to save GH and Elizabeth listens with interest.

Tracy Quartermaine takes Lucy Coe to task for helping sell off the hospital and wants Lucy to stop it. TJ Ashford asks Curtis Ashford if he’s working as a private investigator in the case of Morgan Corinthos’s death when they talk at Kelly’s Diner.

Jason comforts Carly

Carly Corinthos gets a shoulder to cry on when Jason Morgan comes by to see her. He thinks she should go back to Sonny but Carly is too angry and blames Sonny for her son’s death. Jason tries to talk Carly down but she isn’t ready to forgive Sonny.

“General Hospital” spoilers from TV Guide also say that some wrong assumptions are made. We know from a new GH video that someone assumes Maxie Jones is Claudette Beaulieu later this week so it seems this spoiler is probably about Sonny and Nelle.

Nelle makes trouble

Sonny and Carly are both grieving and sad today and Jason thinks they should be grieving together. Sonny would like that but Carly isn’t open to it. This gives Nelle a chance to get close to Sonny and “General Hospital” fans suspect that she’s up to no good.

Also this week, the search for Morgan’s killer is on, the DNA test results come back on Charlotte Beaulieu, Maxie is in danger, and Anna Devane gets a new job offer.

General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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