“General Hospital” spoilers tease that Halloween brings a lot of drama to Port Charles that will carry over as the November sweeps kick into full gear. Many are heartbroken over Morgan's supposed death and there is plenty of drama related to a mysterious Cassadine figure as well. What is set to go down in the upcoming episodes?

A villain is back to shake things up in Port Charles

Valentin is back and fans can bet that he is going to rattle a lot of people throughout Port Charles. The Halloween party continues at the Metro Court, and this event brings an intense encounter between Jason and Franco over Elizabeth.

SheKnows Soaps indicates that Sonny will blow up over an incident involving mistaken identity and Ava is set to get an unsettling message of some sort very soon.

Anna is back in Port Charles and she's about to get a new assignment, and “General Hospital” spoilers note that she'll be meeting someone who could shake things up a bit. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, both of these teases likely refer to Valentin. Jason is pressuring Curtis, and Valerie will find herself betrayed by Curtis in a major way that is likely connected to Jordan.

Alexis is going to open up to Sam a bit and Nelle will be facing questions from Michael. In addition, Nelle will misinterpret something she overhears.

Hayden is in trouble and Morgan's death brings more worry and heartbreak

As November continues, “General Hospital” spoilers detail that Sam and Jason will formulate a new theory regarding Morgan's death and Alexis will be spiraling out of control even further.

Hayden is said to end up in serious danger and impacted by an accident, and fans can't help but wonder if the Alexis tease is connected to the trouble for Hayden.

Elizabeth will lean on Franco after getting some bad news and Carly will learn something interesting from Griffin. Laura and Finn will come together during a crisis of some sort and people in Port Charles will gather for Morgan's funeral.

Dillon will do everything he can to support Kiki as she battles her grief and guilt, and Nelle will make sure she's right by Carly's side through this all.

Viewers can expect to see some intense drama involving Sonny and Julian soon, and “General Hospital” spoilers hint that gunfire may be involved. There's more regarding Claudette and Charlotte on the way and things will seemingly only get crazier as the month continues. Fans are certainly buzzing over these latest “General Hospital” spoilers and people cannot wait to see where things head next.

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