General Hospital” spoilers show Jason Morgan will be a major support for Carly Corinthos as she works through her grief over the death of Morgan Corinthos and her blame and anger at Sonny Corinthos. A new video from Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny, has a new take on jealousy between the characters and why Sonny should resent Jason for being there for Carly.

Check out Maurice Benard’s GH video below

Maurice Benard published a video saying he got a phone call from his father who is an avid watcher of “General Hospital.” Benard says his dad called and wanted to talk to him “about Carly.” Benard said his dad asked, “Why do you let her kiss and touch Jason’s face?”

The actor’s father was upset that Laura Wright, who plays Carly, was kissing Billy Miller, who plays Jason, in some of the GH scenes this week that has them grieving together.

This is pretty hilarious since the kisses were far from romantic and were just plain said in context.

GH Maurice Benard’s dad wants Sonny jealous

Benard said he told his dad, “First of all, Sonny wasn’t in the room when they were doing that.” That’s all true – Sonny was at his house in his own private hell grieving his son all alone. Then Benard says his father asked, “Would you let your wife do that?”

The actor says he responded, “No I wouldn’t.” It’s funny because it sounds like Benard’s father sees Carly as his son’s wife when she’s the wife of his character.

Benard said he finally told his father, “Dad, I’ll talk to you later.”

Real life vs soap life

It sounds a bit like Maurice Benard’s father is a GH superfan and, like many of them, can’t control his anger when storylines don’t go like he wants. Benard’s daddy-o seems to think Sonny should be jealous but he didn’t know about the interaction.

Plus with the history of Sonny, Jason and Carly, Sonny wouldn’t be jealous anyway because he knows they are strictly friends.

It’s good to know that fans are on equal ground with the actors’ families that get frustrated with soap plots.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the phone number of your favorite “General Hospital” actors to call and vent on plotlines that leave you frustrated?

"General Hospital" airs weekdays on ABC.

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