The “General Hospital” spoilers for October 26, 27 and 28 show Valentin Cassadine and Sonny Corinthos drama for the rest of the week. Sonny is hanging by a tether and Valentin is making moves like a boss. Anyone that gets in their way better watch out.

Jason calls Sonny out

Jason Morgan comes to The Haunted Star today to try and get Sonny under control. He shows because Ave Jerome texted him but why does Ava have Jason on her speed dial list? Does Port Charles publish a roster of cell numbers? Jason pulls Sonny away from Scott Baldwin but there’s more to come.

Jason is worried about the effect of Sonny’s actions on his family and wants to keep Sam Morgan safe. Jason threatens Sonny. He’s on the mob boss’s side but won’t put up with Sonny putting anyone else at risk after what happened to Morgan Corinthos. Can Jason talk Sonny down or is it too late?

Wyndemere sold!

Lucy Coe has news on the sale of Wyndemere for Laura Spencer. Did the Cassadine monstrosity sell? Did Valentin buy it or does he already own it because of the docs that Nikolas Cassadine signed under duress?

Will Valentin decide to make Spoon Island his base of operations?

Other Cassadine news is that Alexis Davis continues to drink heavily, seems to be crushing on Sonny, and then scrambles to hide her increasing drunkenness from Sam. Alexis is lying to everyone so she can drink all over town but someone will catch on soon to her dirty secret.

Robin returns

Robin Scorpio is back on October 27 just in time to see Anna Devane dealing with Griffin Munro who is struggling since he found himself a sudden single parent.

Robin will be on hand for the MetroCourt Halloween partywhich will heat up by the end of the week.

As Laura says goodbye to Wyndemere, Claudette Beaulieu says hello to a blast from the past when Valentin sat down beside her on her flight out of town. Valentin wants Charlotte Beaulieu and GH watchers want to know why he’s so interested in the kid.

Nelle gets naughty

Nelle Hayes seems sympathetic towards Sonny and tries to plead his case to Michael Corinthos.

Michael blames Sonny for his brother’s death but Nelle cautions Michael that his dad is on the brink. Can she get Michael to soften his attitude toward his father?

Bobbie Spencer sees Nelle with Sonny and worries that this is déjà vu. Bobbie has cause to be suspicious and shares her concerns with Michael who looks at Nelle in a new light. Nelle hasn’t played any of her revenge cards yet, so Bobbie’s statement shouldn’t raise too many concerns.

“General Hospital” spoilers for Wednesday October 26 through Friday October 28 have Port Charles peeps ready for Halloween and some tense action. This is the perfect time for Valentin to pull tricks on the locals.


“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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