Next week “General Hospital” spoilers for October 31- November 4 “GH” let us know Halloween is going to bring horrors. Zombie Morgan Corinthos is Port Charles' own “Walking Dead” and he’ll drive his dad Sonny Corinthos mental. Yes that’s Bryan Craig but no, Morgan is not alive, not until there’s a recast anyway.

Jason v Franco plus sibling rivalry

Jason Morgan and Franco Baldwin get into it when Franco gets territorial about Elizabeth Webber but she tells the two killers to chillax. Alexis Davis continues her boozy antics and isn’t pleased when halfie bro Valentin Cassadine stops by her crib after kicking the rabble out of castle Wyndemere that he claimed.

If Valentin was expecting a warm welcome, he was wrong. He shot Nikolas and tormented Sam Morgan so he can forget a Thanksgiving invite to Alexis’ crib. Alexis tries to hide her drinking but she’s too sloppy. Dillon Q tries to get with Kiki Jerome but she’s still got feels for dead Morgan plusguilt.

Nelle schemes and Hayden dreams

For some reason Bobbie Spencer went nuts on Nelle Hayes last week with no reason GH watchers could see. Next Bobbie blathers to Michael Corinthos about her Nelle issues and he gets in Nelle’s grill.

Nelle gets a disturbing letter about her past that might kick her wicked plan into high gear.

Anna Devane gets a new assignment – could be "Project Valentin" and she can’t let go the notion she knows him somehow. Anna unveils a big surprise this week. Meanwhile Hayden Barnes just can’t quit Hamilton Finn and we may see a thaw in the Ham-Hay relationship since her last outburst.

Cops and robbers

The PCPD does nothing, as usual.

Jason leans on Curtis Ashford to give him info on the bomber. Curtis does Valerie Spencer dirty and brawls with Jordan Ashford, too. Sonny comes unhinged after undead Morgan and goes off on Julian Jerome. Julian and Sonny have a dockside wrestling match over a gun.

Shots are fired and the PCPD shows up too late to be effective, as usual. Ava is tormented by gloved hand mystery man (or woman) that took the pills.

She gets a message that chills her cold heart by the end of the week. It’s the text from hell and Ava’s left pooping herself in fear. Who’s got the drugs?

“General Hospital” spoilers show a big “GH” week October 31- November 4. Halloween hijinks, Sonny and Alexis hitting bottom, lots of hot stuff happening.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

"General Hospital" Halloween video through the years promo.

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