“General Hospital” spoilers for upcoming episodes have us asking whether it was Morgan Corinthos that was the gloved hand that found the bottle of pill that Ava left behind. We all know that it’s likely that Morgan survived the car explosion since there’s lots of talk on tabloid sites about the recast. Will it be Morgan that pursues vengeance against Ava Jerome for his accident?

Morgan alive and stalking Ava?

Here’s how we know that Morgan might be alive and is the one stalking Ava. First, remember the night of the accident, someone was lurking outside the Corinthos house watching Sonny Corinthos and Carly Corinthos cry and hug?

That could be Morgan! Remember Morgan’s state of mind was despondent before the car exploded. He might have decided the family is better off without him.

Morgan could still be lurking around the house trying to decide whether to reveal himself or continue to play dead so that he doesn’t have to deal with the mess he believes he’s made of his life. Then when Morgan saw the ugly confrontation between Sonny and Ava, he might have followed her from the property and saw Ava hide the bottle of pills last week on “General Hospital."

Could Morgan solve his own “murder”?

Morgan would be highly suspicious if he saw Ava threw a bottle of pills away that she stole from the house. There is no innocent reason for Ava to have taken those pills.

A quick Google search will tell Morgan that those are not lithium – there are symbols and markings on prescription pills that allow pharmacists to tell them apart.

If Morgan knows Ava swapped his medication, he would be angry and ready to make her pay. Soon, Ava will receive a message that terrifies her.

It’s call that might be blackmail or it might threaten her if she doesn’t admit what she did. Morgan might not be ready to reveal that he’s alive, but he will still want Ava to pay for pushing him to the point that he stole a car and almost died.

Morgan recast up in the air

Some tabloid sites have said the Morgan recast is coming soon based on a casting notice from ABC that went out late September for a brooding make in his early to mid-20s.

This does sound a lot like Morgan and him surviving the explosion doesn’t change the probability of a recast. “General Hospital” spoilers seem split on whether a recast is coming soon.

Morgan could have been slung out of the way by the force of the explosion and walked off dazed and confused. Home would be the place Morgan would go but if he saw Sonny and Carly crying over his “death” he might decide to jump at the chance of a new life. Morgan is unhappy with who he is so he could leave town and be someone new.

But whether Morgan stays in Port Charles or goes elsewhere to be someone other than Morgan Corinthos, he would not want Ava to get away with what she’s done. By proving Ava replaced his medications, that should get Sonny out from under a cloud of suspicion for his death.

Sonny might still have to answer for the car bombing, but the family should turn their sights on Ava over the lithium lie.

Could it be that Morgan is alive, in town, and investigating his own “murder”? Do you think he was the hand that grabbed the pill bottle? The hand looked small and it could easily be Nina Clay stalking Ava for revenge. But if not Nina, Morgan seems a likely possibility for the pill grabber.

“General Hospital” spoilers say Bryan Craig has new appearances coming on GH through November so this might be why we see him again.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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