“General Hospital” spoilers tell us that Bryan Craig still has air dates and episodes still to air before his official and final exit as Morgan Corinthos. GH rumors ask -- will he show up to his own funeral? Are the GH writers going to resurrect the plot where Carly Corinth's showed up to her funeral?

Morgan's Memorial: November 11

When it was first announced that Bryan Craig quit GH as Morgan, the official word was that his final airdate was in November so GH watchers were shocked when he was apparently blown up by the car bomb meant for Julian Jerome earlier in October.We were sure that was the end of Morgan, but then Bryan Craig clarified in an interview with ABC Soaps in Depth that his final air dates were November and we would see more of the troubled young Corinthos.

Bryan Craig has moved on to a new project – a motorcycle film called "Ride."

Is GH recycling plots?

There have been some fan mutterings that General Hospital writers are churning up old plots including the story of Ava Jerome swapping Morgan’s lithium for placebos. It was just last year that Morgan and Kiki Jerome swapped Michael Corinthos’ allergy meds for something else to send him off the rails.

Could GH also be recycling the early 2000s plot of Carly showing up to her funeral? Remember when her car drove off the cliff and no body was found? Then a battered-looking Carly showed up to stun everyone at her funeral. Is that what will happen with Morgan? Will he show up to his November 11 memorial service?

Déjà vu all over again

Back when Carly staggered into her funeral, Alexis Davis and Sonny Corinthos had just hooked up. It was seeing them getting frisky that caused Carly to be driving erratically and go off the ravine edge. Alexis and Sonny are looking awfully close lately.When Alexis took Sonny’s face in her hands on the deck of The Haunted Star this week, didn’t it look like there were about to kiss?

If Alexis and Sonny get busy again and Morgan shows up at his own funeral, that would be a case of double déjà vu. Would that make it déjà déjà vu?

Morgan recast coming?

The other thing that seems certain at this point is that a recast of Morgan Corinthos is coming once Bryan Craig’s final GH episodes air.

In late September, almost on the heels of Bryan announcing he was leaving GH, an ABC casting call went out for an early 20s broody dude that sounds just like Morgan.

Could it be that old Morgan shows up to the funeral but doesn’t reveal himself and we see him all bandaged up from the explosion and then we get the recast in a few weeks with the brandnew actor? GH watchers seem divided between wanting a recast and wanting the character to be gone for good.

“General Hospital” spoilers seem to expecta recast despite fan opinion on the subject. Only Frank Valentini and his writers know for certain.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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