“General Hospital” spoilers for Monday October 24 show that Anna Devane knows Valentin Cassadine, but rumor has it, Valentin has another name that Anna knows him by. What is it? Valentin is back in Port Charles this week looking for Charlotte Beaulieu and checking out Nina Clay.

Maxie’s daring escape

Maxie Jones is determined to save herself from death via gas leak and reminds herself the lessons she’s learned as the child of Frisco Jones and Mac and Felicia Scorpio. Maxie doesn’t need Nathan West to ride in on a white horse to save her, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try anyway.

Nathan grills Claudette Beaulieu on where Maxie might have been taken and who might have taken her. Claudette is certain this means Valentin is coming and she’s terrified. Don’t expect a lot of insight from big fat fibber Claudette. Nathan looks desperately for his honey.

Claudette punks Griffin

Claudette shakes Nathan loose and decides she needs to hightail it out of Port Charles. Claudette will rationalize her rapid exit from town as the best thing to protect her daughter but once again, she’s looking after herself.

“General Hospital” spoilers show Claudetteleaves Charlotte with Griffin Munro and he’s stuck as a single parent to a kid he just met five minutes ago. Griffin won’t handle this well but is forced to step up. Laura Spencer gets to meet Charlotte and thinks the kid looks familiar. What does that mean?

Ham Finn and Hayden might get sexy

Hayden Barnes wakes from a bad dream about her drunken encounter to seduce grant money for Hamilton Finn.

Hayden wants Finn to give her a kiss and some affection but he’s still down about dying. Can Hayden get Finn to get frisky?

Laura agrees to another date with Kevin Collins and Dante Falconeri shows Carly Corinthos a trinket found in the bomb wreckage. It’s the necklace she gave to Morgan Corinthos and the family takes this as confirmation that Morgan is indeed dead (but we know he’s not).

Carly wants (yet another) divorce

Carly tells Sonny Corinthos he can come to the memorial but other than that, it seems that Carly is pretty much over Sonny. Will Carly get a free car wash with her fifth divorce from Sonny? She should get a volume discount from her lawyer – just saying.

“General Hospital” spoilers for Monday October 24 show the focus of the GH episode is Valentin and all the Valentin adjacent drama with a little bit of Sonny sadness thrown in for spice.

“General Hospital” airs weekday on ABC.

“General Hospital” spoilers trailer for Monday October 24th GH episode

Bonus footage from Monday October 24th GH episode!

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