General Hospital spoilers for GH Fall sweeps show that Jasper Jacks is back in Port Charles. Ingo Rademacher confirmed his return to the ABC soap with a pic of himself with the single word “Back!” and tagging @abcgeneralhospital.

Jax and Nelle and kidneys, oh my!

With this confirmation, we know that means more drama coming and perhaps some closure in the Nelle Hayes kidney donor drama. Nelle is still skulking around and we don’t know her exact agenda but her glares and shady actions are suspect.

Nelle shared a story with Sonny Corinthos when he was deep in grief over the death of Morgan Corinthosthat sounds eerily familiar.

Nelle told Sonny about a friend from high school that died in a car crash because she got into the car with a drunk driver when Nelle refused to drive her.

Is Nelle the Carly 2.0?

If that sounds familiar, it should! Carly isn’t even the real name of Sonny’s currently estranged wife, the fifth time Mrs. Corinthos. Charlotte “Carly” Roberts was Caroline Benson’s BFF in high school. Caroline was the name given her by her adoptive parents.

After the death of her friend Carly Roberts, Caroline took on that name. That should be a bit too close for comfort for Carly fans since it definitely appears that Nelle is trying to “single white female” Carly. Thankfully, Sonny sent Nelle away, but she’ll be back…

Jax is back!

Last time Jax was in town, he was awfully nervous and with good reason.

GH watchers know that Jax bought Nelle’s kidney on the black market and he’s the one to blame. With Ingo Rademacher on the “General Hospital” set as of now, that means Jax will be on GH for Fall sweeps.

If Jax sees that Nelle is taking out her stolen kidney fury on Carly, it’s time for Jax to speak up and own the blame for the pilfered organ.

Last time he was in town, he disappeared without a word to the wise so this closure is long overdue, but will he arrive in time to save Carly from Nelle?

It’s always a pleasure to have Ingo Rademacher back and“General Hospital” spoilers show highdrama for this return. We can only hope he’ll stick around and do more this time than look like he’s pooping his pants in stress and making furtive phone calls.

General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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