Halloween “General Hospital” spoilers have Valentin Cassadine back to establish his Port Charles domain starting with his castle as he lays claim to Wyndemere. Dante Falconeri has a gun on him but all will be revealed soon and then the town folk will have to go because that's now his bachelor pad and they’re instant interlopers!

Why is Valentin in Port Charles?

Valentin is back with an agenda. That’s clear from the start. Now that he’s got his castle, he needs a queen and he’ll hightail it over to see Nina Clay, who as we all know, has incorrigible taste in men. First a serial killer now a regular old killer.

Handsome and devilish Valentin will have Nina out of her naughties in no time. She’ll say yes to dropping the dress.

But he also wants a princess for the castle and that means getting his clutches on little Charlotte Beaulieu. Nina has met the little girl and would love to play mama to her, so could we soon see Valentin, Nina and little Charlotte as a happy little family on Spoon Island. “General Hospital” spoilers say Griffin Munro gets “heartbreaking” news. Sure enough, he’s not the daddy either.

Valentin wants to be a “real” Cassadine

In a new interview with Soap Opera Digest, James Patrick Stuart, the hot dudethat plays Valentin, talked about the backstory of his character as explained by Frank Valentini.

He says all of Valentin’s daddy issues and his neglect thanks to the neglect and abuse orchestrated by Helena Cassadine have molded him into a very determined character.

That’s why Valentin went to all the trouble to get his hands on Nikolas Cassadine and force him to sign over all the legitimate Cassadine assets to him.

Valentin is chasing his happy ending but he’s going about it in violent and frightening ways. Valentin is very close to getting everything he wants and Charlotte and Nina are part of his unorthodox happily ever after.

"GH" watchers should be happy to have Valentin back in the picture and perhaps he’ll bring hope about the fate of Nik.

“General Hospital” spoilers have been silent on a recast of Nikolas so if "GH" is bringing him back, it’ll be a surprise to fans. If Nikolas is “dead” then Valentin will find lots of resistance to his scheme among Nikolas’ loved ones that will present challenges.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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