General Hospitalspoilers reveal Claudette Beaulieu lied again! Ex-priest Griffin Munro is not Charlotte Beaulieu’s father no matter what Claudette said. This is more fibbing byNathan West’s cheating ex and she’s still got secrets yet to be exposed.

Who is Charlotte’s father?

When Nathan confronted Claudette on the WednesdayOctober 20 GH episode, did you notice how quickly she pounced on Nathan’s assumption that Griffin is Charlotte’s father? She readily agreed she lied and Griffin was indeed the dad.

Tap the brakes. Claudette and the truth are not buddies. She’s a lying liar wholies so why would she easily admit the truth? The answer?She wouldn’t. That lie served her purposes she can defend herself later becauseNathan toldher about it.

Is it Valentin?

Nathan further assumed that the hair Claudette provided for the DNA test was his mom'sDr. Obrecht. We saw a clever flashback of Claudette takingObrecht’s hairbrush. But was that Claudette’s flashback or a visual of Nathan’s assumption?

This is important.

The hair did match Nathan’s DNA as Nathan proclaimed. But maybethe hair belonged toValentin Cassadine, whoislong rumored to be Nathan’s oh-so-bad daddy?

Claudette might have had some of Valentin’s hair in a locket since it seems like she did love the Greek baddie at one point. Did Claudette keep some of Valentin's hair as a memento and use it hoping for the best?

Survey says…

Claudette would not providehair for the paternity test without knowingit would match.

If it’s Valentin’s hair, that means Claudette knows about Nathan’s family tree.That would be an interesting twist.

“General Hospital” spoilers show Valentin coming back to Port Charles at some point in the near future. If Claudette knew she was doing the carnal deedwith both father and son, that would beintriguing yet icky. Yet it may turn out that’s where the story is heading.

Would Claudette have known Valentin was Nathan’s daddy when they met?

If "GH" is even pursuing that train of thought it's kind of wack. Ignorance is bliss…

General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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