General Hospital” spoilers for the next GH, Wednesday October 19 2016, have Claudette Beaulieu planning a fast getaway with sexy ex-priest Griffin Munro. After she tells him she will leave Charlotte West with Nathan West, they mack, and then Claudette makes the sultry offer.

Griffin tempted

Although Griffin does get hot and heavy for a hot minute with Claudette let’s hope his common sense kicks in and he shuts her down. Griffin won’t endorse her ditching her kid on Nathan when he grew up without his biological father Duke Lavery.

Claudette gets a big fat no on the runaway.

Nathan won’t keep Charlotte anyway now that he knows that he’s not her father and Claudette lied again. Nathan and Maxie come up with a plan to force the truth out of Claudette but who is the daddy? Is sheGriffin’s kid after all or is someone else in the mix they don’t even know about?

Sonny hits rock bottom

Sonny Corinthos will literally hit bottom as we see him crawling around the house calling for Morgan Corinthos. Sonny is in bad shape and home alone with Nelle Hayes.

Who will save Sonny from his bad judgment?

Ava Jerome comes by the house and she and Sonny have it out but Ava won’t leave and Nelle catches Ava scheming when she’s left alone in the house by Sonny. The GH preview trailer for Wednesday show Ava day drinking with Dr. Obrecht.

Hayden sells herself

Hayden Barnes seems ready to sell herself off to slimy blind date Evan Whatshisname to get a medical research grant for Dr.

Hamilton Finn. An unhappy Finn watches her leave the restaurant with the jerk and is quite obviously stewing in jealousy.

Finn tries to cover when Tracy Quartermaine quizzes him and makes it about him worrying about her safety. Tracy’s not worried and knows he’s lying to himself. Hayden and slimeball dude down tiny airplane shots and seem to be ready to get it on but will she go that far?

General Hospital” spoilers for Wednesday say Finn intervenes and Hayden calls him out on his jealousy and forces him to admit he cares about him but he won’t like it.

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