“General Hospital” spoilers for next week's show - Franco Baldwin is struggling to keep his killer instincts at bay when he sees Elizabeth Webber getting too close to another man. That other man? Dr. Handsome Man of God Griffin Munro! Will Franco snap?

Griffin and Elizabeth get close

The stage is set when Claudette Beaulieu leaves her daughter Charlotte Beaulieu West Munro (and maybe Cassadine) with Griffin since she now swears he’s the father of her child. Griffin is not ready to be a single parent but it’s thrust upon him and he has no choice.

Elizabeth is an old hand at single parenting since she’s got all those kids by all those dudes. At the Halloween party at the Metro Court, Charlotte is with her “daddy” Griffin and throws a tantrum which kids are wont to do, just not usually on soaps.

Charlotte’s fit frustrated Griffin who is clueless about parenting. Elizabeth swoops in to help save the day and Franco observes hottie doc with hottie nurse and begins to boil over. Franco loves Elizabeth and doesn’t want Griffin checking her out. Cue the darkness.

Franco fights to control his urges

“General Hospital” spoilers say Franco tries to quell his urge to remove Griffin from the picture. Franco has invested months into Elizabeth first with friendship and then with overt wooing. The problem is Franco knows he’s a bad guy and not the best choice for her.

Griffin is a much better match. He’s handsome, a doctor who can provide for all those kids, a quasi-man of God, and most importantly, not a serial killer.

But Franco has Elizabeth in his sights and wants to keep her. Elizabeth is not looking at Griffin as a match and vice versa.

All of this plays out in Franco’s head which is a very dark and dangerous playground. Sure the tumor is gone but his mom has long said the tumor wasn’t what made him the sociopath he was.

Can Franco fight the urges and remain the best version of himself that Elizabeth has fallen for?

Will this show of temper turn Elizabeth off just as she was ready to take the next step or will she find herself drawn to the danger?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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