Some “General Hospital” spoilers show a continual disintegration in the marriage of Sonny Corinthos and Carly Corinthos. Two exes will soon interfere in their troubled union. When two former lovers get closer to grieving Carly and Sonny, who will stray first and can their marriage be fixed?

Two grieving parents, two exes

The two exes are Jasper “Jax” Jacks and Alexis Davis. GH spoilers tells us Jax is back in Port Charles soon and will find a fragile and devastated Carly.Alexis shared a tender moment with off-the-rails Sonny.

Will either go too far with their ex-lover because of theirgrief? Will it be Carly or Sonny that strays and enjoyssome sad extra-marital loving?

Could Alexis and Sonny really go there?

The last time Alexis and Sonny were intimate, it was passion that ended swiftly because of Carly. There’s still unrequited sexual tension there that’s been simmering for ages. Ordinarily, Sonny and Alexis wouldn’t go there.However...Alexis has been boozing and is not in control of herself when she’s sloppy. Sonny is out of control with grief.

Both are a mess, plus there’s heat and tenderness we saw on Tuesday October 25 when Alexis comforted Sonny.

What about Carly and Jax?

Jax and Carly had a hot relationship and they could easily fall back into it. Jax will comfort Carly when he’s in town andshe has to realizethe harsh truth that if she stayed with Jax, Morgan Corinthos would likely be alive.Carly makes bad decisions when she’s emotional plus she told Sonny they were done.

She might not feel like she’s cheating if she takes comfort in her ex. Jax might not want to wade into Carly’s messy personal life but you never know.

What do you think?

Carly seems done with mob life and Jax is far from that. Jax might be exactly what Carly needs right now. Alexis also hatedmob life but she married Julian, so Sonny is better than what she had. It could happen.GH viewers love CarSon as a couple but there’s plenty that loved her with Jax.

Alexis and Sonny have unfinished business. Will Carly or Sonny cross the line and hook up with their ex?

“General Hospital” spoilers show more sadness coming for Carly and Sonny with no reunion in sight.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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