“General Hospital” spoilers and casting news have Morgan Corinthos, played by Bryan Craig, returning to the show in new scenes that will air on GH through November sweeps. While many have assumed that Bryan Craig was officially gone after the fire bomb “death” of his character, it’s not done!

Bryan Craig back at GH soon!

When Bryan Craig’s exit from “General Hospital” was announced, his exit date was listed as November so viewers were stunned when he “died” in the car explosion in mid-October. New information from a Bryan Craig interview with ABC Soaps in Depth corrects this misconception.

Carly Corinthos is busy planning Morgan’s memorial service and she will be convinced that he’s truly dead when Dante Falconeri gives her a necklace that was found where the car exploded.

It’s Morgan’s and Carly sees this as certain confirmation of his death.

Recast coming?

Since Bryan Craig announced he was leaving “General Hospital” fans have been vocal on social media about a recast. Some want to see the character exit with no recast and others are clamoring for someone new to take on the role.With the revelation from Bryan Craig that his scenes are not done airing, we can expect to see Morgan soon, but when and how? Sonny Corinthos has been tormented by dreams of a young Morgan, are dreams of grown-up Morgan coming?

Back in spirit but not in flesh?

Will the last scenes filmed by Bryan Craig be remembrances of his family while at his memorial service? Will we see a ghost of Morgan, some sort of apparition?

Will we see Morgan’s charred body lying somewhere down the river and someone finding him?It seems like a long shot that the character of Morgan has been killed off for good but a recast could come soon or drastically later. It was two years before they recast Jason Morgan and several years before they breathed life back into Jason’s son, Jake.

“General Hospital” spoilers have Morgan back soon but then the actoris done with GH. He’s already on the set of his new movie and just shared a Twitter pic from set. Check out more about his new movie "Ride" here.

"General Hospital" airs weekdays on ABC.

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