There has been a lot of buzz about what lies ahead for the character of Jason Morgan on “General Hospital” and spoilers tease that some answers may have come together. Billy Miller stepped into the role about two years ago, but his contract was due for renewal and many viewers wondered if he might be looking to move on to other projects. Adding to the buzz was the news that Steve Burton has recently announced that he is leaving “The Young and the Restless,” and of course, “GH” fans know that he used to play Jason.

What's the latest?

How did the rumors about Billy leaving 'GH' begin?

As soon as Steve Burton announcedvia Twitter that he was leaving “Young and Restless,” “General Hospital” fans started to speculate that Billy Miller might be leaving “GH” and the show might make a play to bring back Burton. Some wondered if there could be a way to have both actors in the mix of things, perhaps having Miller's character turn out not to be Jason after all.

According to iTech Post, it seems that Miller has signed a new contract, so he will be sticking around.

Contract issues have been a big challenge at “General Hospital” this past year, and some speculated that the show might have a tough time keeping Billy this time around. The show almost lost Rebecca Herbst during difficult negotiations a few months back, and the buzz was that Roger Howarth almost left as well. Tyler Christopher did end up leaving the role of Nikolas Cassadine over contract issues, so considering the idea of Miller not coming to terms with the show wasn't necessarily out of the realm of possibilities.

Things are a bit hazy when it comes to Miller's status

Miller is an actor who is on social media like many other soap actors and actresses, so things like contract renewals fall more into speculation than fact with soap stars like Billy. Others like Christopher, Herbst, and Burton will often share news like this via their social media pages, but the same doesn't happen with Miller. Some “General Hospital” fans wondered if change was in the air when Jason and Sam recently talked about leaving Port Charles to keep their family safe, a move that would explain Miller leaving if that were the case.

However, it sounds as if Billy is likely staying put for another year, and that Steve is simply leaving “Young and Restless” to spend more time with his family and to tackle other projects rather than return to “General Hospital.” Burton was rather open about the fact that he left “GH” over contract issues himself, so it was probably wishful thinking more than anything else when it came to the idea of seeing him return.

A fair number of “General Hospital” fans have had a hard time accepting anybody other than Steve Burton in the role of Jason Morgan. However, Billy Miller has come in and made it his own and many viewers have fully embraced him now playing the character.

Everybody will have to wait and see what comes next for Jason and Sam, but it does sound as if a big switcheroo in terms of the actor involved is not on the horizon.

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