“General Hospital” spoilers lately have debated whether Billy Miller might leave the show to be replaced with Steve Burton since he’s leaving “The Young and the Restless.” Subbing in Steve for Billy seems ridiculously unlikely, but something else might be coming that could pull Jason Morgan out of the spotlight. Did you notice this too or is this GH spoiler off the mark?

Jason wants to leave Port Charles

On the Friday October 21 show, Jason and Sam Morgan had a serious conversation about their future given the recent car bombing death of Jason’s namesake Morgan Corinthos.

Jason admitted to Sam that Sonny Corinthos caused Morgan’s death by taking out a hit on Julian Jerome.Jason isn’t “blaming” Sonny but was offering known facts. He said, “Morgan died because of Sonny. And I can’t have that happen to my family – not to my kids, not to you.” That was the foundation then Jason asked Sam, “What would you think if we left Port Charles?”

Jason and Sam taking backseat to other plots?

Other couples have been marginalized in recent months. Since Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones got married, their honeymoon has turned into an endless journey although recent “General Hospital” spoilers show Brad coming back for a short arc.

Ned Ashton and Olivia Falconeri saw their new romance fall out of prominence but just as Julian Jerome didn’t care they were shagging, neither did GH watchers. But JaSam is another consideration – that’s a GH super couple we’re talking about. So why the threat of back-seating?

Is this a budgetary issue, or something else?

Soap opera actor contracts come in many different formats. There is contract and recurring status.

Contract means the actor is on regularly and recurring means the actor is in the minors and can be called up to play as needed.But even with “contract” status there are different levels of prominence, pay, and a minimum number of episodes guaranteed. Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco are expensive actors to have on staff at GH. If they could keep them, but pay them both less, that would be a big winfor ABC/GH.

Does Billy Miller have another project?

Billy Miller fans know that he had an "Urban Cowboy" job last year but it didn’t turn into a long-term engagement. He also had a role on USA’s "Suits." He has ambitions outside of the soaps and has also done the movie "American Sniper," some TV movies, and other TV series appearances.Could Billy have another job and he needs time off? Is that why the writers are laying the groundwork for Jason and Sam to leave town? Sam suggested the town of Aurora to relocate to and Jason said it's, “about an hour away, right?”

JaSam going but not forgotten?

Will we see Sam and Jason settle down outside of Port Charles close enough to bring them in once a month or so when the story calls for it, but otherwise off the scene?

Many GH watchers have fussed on social media about the lack of JaSam scenes.There is a strong story reason to pull them out of town – they fear for Sam’s pregnancy. “General Hospital” spoilers show more mob violence soon between Jason and Sonny that could make their exit from town more urgent. Is this the end of regular JaSam sightings?

Are Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller quietly downgrading to recurring status for personal reasons? Does Billy have a new job? Is there some reason these two asked for, or agreed to, stepping from contract to recurring status? Or is this just GH writers trying to scare watchers into tuning in?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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