“General Hospital” spoilers for early November episodes show Ava Jerome will pay for her part in the death of Morgan Corinthos but this retribution comes from an unexpected enemy. Who found the medication and is trying to bring Ava down?

An enemy from the past

Ava Jerome has a long list of enemies who would be happy to see her dead, maimed, in prison, or all of the above. However there are some facts that eliminate many candidates.

GH watchers saw a gloved hand grab the bottle of tampered meds that Ava tossed aside.

The future blackmailer was light skinned and the gloved hand was small. That indicates a woman found the evidence. That doesn’t narrow the list of possible suspects, though, since Ava has many female enemies.

Who is coming for Ava?

Here's who we can eliminate and why:

  • Dr. Obrecht and Alexis were boozing
  • Nelle was with Sonny
  • Carly and the Davis girls were at home crying
  • Lulu, Maxie and Laura have no stake in this
  • Bobbie and Monica are not up for this
  • Sam is pregnant and Olivia is in lust
  • The Webber sisters, Liz and Hayden, are with their men
  • Tracy, Olivia and Lucy would not dig in trash

That narrows it down to just a few: Valerie Spencer, Kiki Jerome and Nina Clay.

The list suspects narrows!

Kiki is consumed with grief and has no reason to suspect her mother and Valerie has no cause to stalk Ava either. But Nina does. Nina is probably the one that grabbed the medication from the trash and will use it as a torture tool. Nina truly hates her and would love to make her pay considering that Ava…

#1 Ran off the pregnant girl that might have been Nina’s last chance to get a baby

#2 Stole Silas Clay from her back in the day

#3 Got a baby from Silas while Nina didn’t (as far as we know)

#4 Publicly humiliates Nina every chance she gets

#5 Is an ongoing reminder that bad people get things Nina wants

“General Hospital” spoilers for the week of November 3 show Ava gets a message that terrifies her. Nina could easily get the pills tested to see why Ava was hiding them and discover they are not lithium as the label indicates.

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General Hospital

Nina might solve the puzzle of Morgan’s death!

Nina could piece together what Ava did and since Nina has grown close to Carly, proving that Ava caused Morgan’s death would be a big win for their friendship. Nina could turn the pills over to the police but she’s seems more inclined to torture Ava first given how much she hates the woman. This GH storyline heats up soon!

Do you agree that Nina is the one stalking Ava and that will bring her down?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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