If you’re current on “General Hospital” you know that the building the show is named after, the hospital itself, is for sale. If that’s not bad enough, we'll find out next week on “GH” thatLaura Spencermay be readyto sell Spoon Island and Wyndemere, the Cassadine castle that sits on it. What is happening in Port Charles?

Real estate agent Lucy Coe could make a fortune in commissions.

Will Lucy Coe soon be the most hated woman in Port Charles for selling off two of the town’s most iconic buildings? Tracy Quartermaine and Dr. Monica Quartermaine will try and block the sale of GH. Mayor Janice Lomax wants to turn the ER into a high-rise condo, will she get her way?

Lucy may also get to put her realtor sign out front of Wyndemere as well. "General Hospital" spoilers from Soap Opera Digest say Laura Spencer is all alone on the island now that Spencer Cassadine is at boarding school and Nikolas Cassadine is dead.

The only people at the Cassadine castle are Laura and the daughter-in-law she can’t stand Hayden Barnes. Laura decides that the castle is too big for her and has too many ghosts and bad memories and agrees to let Lucy Coe hang a “For Sale” sign in the yard.

Who could buy Wyndemere and Spoon Island?

A castle isn’t in the budget for most people so maybe the Mayor should make those condos instead and leave “General Hospital” alone so the doctors can get back to saving lives.

Jason Morgan could afford the crib and so could Sonny Corinthos but why would they want it?

One guy that might want the castle is Valentin Cassadine. Since Nikolas Cassadine signed all of his assets over to Valentin maybe he already owns it and Laura Spencer won’t be able to sell it. If both pieces of property do sell, it will change everything in Port Charles.

Tracy Quartermaine should be able to block the sale of “GH” but Wyndemere might go bye-bye. Maybe selling it off is a way for “General Hospital” to cut the budget since it’s a big fancy set. But if Lucy Coe can sell both properties she and Scotty Baldwin could eat at the MetroCourt all month long!

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