In coming days on “General Hospital” fans can expect a mob war to erupt in Port Charles but this time Sonny Corinthos personally attacks Julian Jerome instead of sending a minion. Sonny will be blinded by rage over the death of Morgan Corinthos and goes too far.

Sonny and Julian fight to the death

Sonny and Julian might wind up dead (but it seems unlikely) and “GH” watchers can expect a brutal confrontation on Pier 54.

A new video released by ABC network has Sonny and Julian rolling around the docks fighting for a gun and both want to finish off the other. There’s no sign that either “General Hospital” actor is leaving. William DeVry (Julian) and Maurice Benard (Sonny) are sticking around, so maybe it's a brutal beating or a non-fatal gunshot despite “General Hospital” spoilers showing an epic fight.

Carly and Sonny on the rocks

Carly Corinthos is unforgiving of Sonny’s violence because Morgan died.

When he goes at Julian that could be the end of marriage number five for Sonny and Carly. She smashed Morgan's picture in front of Sonny and that's just the start. Sonny may think killing Julian will avenge Morgan and Duke's deaths but Carly wants an end to violence and warned Sonny. Whatever change of heart Sonny had after talking with Griffin Munro has gone away. This is the worst things have been with them.

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Nelle makes things worse

We saw someone watching Carly and Sonny through their window. Was Nelle Hayes creeping? She has been glaring and whispering threats and wants to get back at Carly over the kidney thing. If Carly dumps Sonny, Nelle won't waste any time moving in on him. Nelle might also make a move on Michael Corinthos since he's in bad shape too. It was surprising when Nelle turned down Morgan but she won't do that again.

The next Corinthos guy that comes at her will probably get what they want. 

"GH" won't give Carly and Sonny the chance to be happy and fans are getting mad. Since Julian and Alexis Davis are divorced, there are no 40-something couples left in town. Will anyone get a happy ending?

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